Jus Press Play Ent.

Jus Press Play Ent.
Jus Press Play Ent.

Jus Press Play Ent. is a full service entertainment label that is based in the Bronx, NY. We have a digital recording studio. Our company also offers the following services: Music Production, Mastering, Produce beats, Music Composer, writers, Professional DJ Services, Music Publishing, Dancers, Dance Choreographers, In-house A&R, In-house Artist Management, Wardrobe/Design Stylist, Hair Stylist. We even have Teen activities. The teen learn about the music industry, learn how to dj, learn about music production, dance and dance choreography. Our teens have done many shows, and our kid dj does all the children and teen parties.
We provide services for signed/unsigned artists. We have clients from N.Y.C.; Washington, D.C.; Albany, N.Y., Atlanta, G.A.; and Andrews, S.C. Our popularity is growing.

Eugenia Jones, Owner, started in the Arts at a very young age and has been invloved for over 20years. (Resume availble upon request.)

Derrick Jones, Executive Producer, has been producing music and has been a DJ for over 30 years (Resume availble upon request.)


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