925 Silver Jewelry Co, LTD.

925 Silver Jewelry Co, LTD.

Welcome to 925SILVER4U.COM, your official wholesale silver jewelry supplier.
We don't want your money, we want your business! Read this to see what that means.

Quality sterling silver jewelry is always in style. In fact, archaeological surveys show that people have been wearing silver jewelry since 900 BC! We stock the hottest designs using only the highest quality 925 sterling silver. True sterling silver must be no less than 92.5% silver content and that's why our name is 925SILVER4U.COM! Our 925 sterling silver jewelry is unsurpassed for strength and beauty and we guarantee that every piece we sell is genuine sterling silver. We even submit random pieces to labs on a regular basis just to be double sure.

Your customers demand quality and we deliver! You can trust your reputation to us.

We don't settle for second best when it comes to our gem stones either. Every stone we sell is high grade jewelry-quality, and even our CZ stones are unmatched for beauty, clarity and brilliance! Our product line represents the finest value in precious metals and gemstones for the money.

Order today and make money geting on top of a trend that's been going strongly for nearly 3,000 years!

You cannot find a better wholesale supplier of 925 Silver Jewelry. We guarantee it.

Our years of experience as manufacturers and wholesalers of 925 sterling silver jewelry translates to lower costs and better deals for you every time you order from our online store. Here's why...

* We carry the latest trendy designs of jewelry at unbeatable pricing.
* Build repeat business with our exclusive designs that don't have that boring "me too" look.
* Buy what you can afford. There are No Minimum Orders !
* Save big on shipping with our FLAT RATE $20.00 Worldwide Shipping or FREE Shipping for orders of $300 and up.
* 15 Days Unconditional Return Policy.
* 60 Day Unsold Item Return Policy.
* Every Order is backed By Our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

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Don't miss the opportunity to partner with a leader in 925 sterling silver jewelry industry.

While some companies claim to offer wholesale pricing, we actually do. Plus, our No Minimum Order and $20 Flat Rate Shipping deals make it easy to order whether you're an experienced jewelry retailer or even if you're just starting out.

Small orders are no problem! Just select the pieces that you like from our huge assortment and watch your sales explode! If you don't see what you want, let us know. The chances are we can make it for you!


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