National Real Estate Investment Club, Inc.

National Real Estate Investment Club, Inc.

National Real Estate Investment Club (NREI Club) is an educational and networking real estate investment club that will provide you with all the tools you need to invest. Our mission is to make you more successful. We are dedicated to our clients' satisfaction by providing a large range of services and resources including:

Learn all you need to know about real estate investment from the leading experts in the field. We offer a variety of ways to accommodate your busy lifestyles. We realize that you are busy professionals hence we offer a number of our services online or over the phone. We also offer meetings/seminars that you can attend.

Online Classes

Meet people that are like-minded and share the same goals. You will be given the opportunity to meet people and make deals that all will benefit from.

Club Member Meetings

Receive exclusive information and deals on your future investments as well as help with the process of your current investments.

Learn about exclusive member only investment opportunities.

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