The System Within Film Production, LLC

The System Within Film Production, LLC

The System Within Film Production, LLC is a independent entertainment producer of motion pictures, music, theater, and talent development. It’s genre embraces urban contemporary themes with culturally diverse messages and characters that are reflective of inner city America.

Unique Company Message
The System Within Films completed a 40 city tour in search of undiscovered talent to promote opportunities to bring new, aspiring artists to Hollywood and Hollywood to them. TARIQ and crew spoke at public schools assemblies, Boys and Girls Club programs and walked through many communities meeting residents and talking to them about the film industry and inspiring them to believe in their dreams and skills. The System Within Film Production will continue their tour looking for new talent for upcoming film productions during the PREMERE of “THE SYSTEM WITHIN” motion picture.

First Motion Picture
“THE SYSTEM WITHIN”, is their first motion picture featuring first time producer and actor, TARIQ Alexander. TARIQ will be joined by a stellar CAST/CREW with special guest appearances of AUDITION WINNERS, who were selected through a 40 City tour sponsored by The System Within Film Production company.

TSW Music
“THE SYSTEM WITHIN” soundtrack will feature TARIQ, along with platinum artist, CHINGY, new artist, MERCEDES, duets by other RB artists and our own AUDITION WINNERS.

Contact Info
General Inquiries: 866-888-9019.
Investor and Media Inquiries: Tammy Richmond 866-888-9019

New York
The System Within Film Production, LLC
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Telephone: 866-888-9019

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