VISCO, Inc., established in 1947, has designed and produced fine ornamental outdoor lighting equipment for many years with installations nationwide and abroad. We pride ourselves on the cosmetic and structural excellence of our poles, ornamental iron castings and illumination packages.

The VISCO line of products has been developed to allow the specifier to create styles unique to their particular project needs. All individual base assemblies, fixture arm assemblies, globe fitters and miscellaneous ornamental parts can be adapted to our various steel light poles or cast iron post.

VISCO maintains a line of traditional ornamental street light designs in inventory at all times to offer the best possible delivery schedules. These lines have been expanded to include traffic signal poles, pedestrian signal poles, wall sconces, bollards, and small cell structures.

Our goal is to treat each order with the respect and attention to detail that it deserves. This means providing a "high-quality" product that meets the specified requirements and is delivered in the stated time period.

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