Natures Benefit

Natures Benefit Inc. markets dietary supplements that are physician formulated through Holt MD Labs. The company provides only evidence-based dietary supplements that are backed by education for healthcare professionals, retailers and consumers. Natures Benefit Inc. is widely acclaimed as a leader in research and development of new dietary supplements.

Natures Benefit Inc. is distinguished by its scientific approach to the development of dietary supplements for both humans and companion animals.

Natures Benefit Inc. and its predecessor corporations have developed among the best selling dietary supplements in the recent history of the industry. Natures Benefit Inc. will not engage in health claims that are unable to be supported. Natures Benefit Inc. started the retail categories of coral calcium and Hoodia with products that sustain themselves in the market, despite the emerging pressure placed on such products by unfair competition or marketing predators in the supplement industry. Stephen Holt has dedicated himself to the future of the dietary supplement industry and he is a key political, economic and scientific advocate for the industry.

Natures Benefit Inc. provides excellence in product fulfillment and value added educational services. Natures Benefit underwrites the expense of providing much educational material to retail establishments.

Quality assurance, safety and product efficacy are the guiding forces at Natures Benefit Inc. The recent formulation of the Healthcare Naturally TM brand of products by Holt MD Labs results in several strategic advantages for retailers. First, the products are condition specific and synergistic in their evidence-based formulation. Second, this approach with strong education removes consumer and retailer confusion in the application of nutrients and botanicals for wellness promotion. Finally, the educated consumer has started to ask questions about the credibility of certain dietary supplements, in terms of their origin, quality and formulation. Natures Benefit asks “who formulated the supplements that are sold in the industry?” "NO COMPANY CAN BOAST BY BOTH A GASTROENTEROLOGIST AND PHARMACOLOGIST"-Jon Garcia-C.O.O.

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