Clocr, Inc.

Clocr offers a state-of-the-art digital safety deposit box, legacy and emergency planning solutions. Clocr’s patent-pending security enables users to secure essential documents, information and organize them into ‘In case of Emergency' Vault that can be unlocked by your chosen nominees. During emergencies when time can be of essence, your family wouldn’t have to worry or hunt for important stuff.

Death and emergencies often come unannounced. With everything from address books to medical records going digital, it helps to have all your digital records and critical information in one place in times of need.

Our vision is to provide peace of mind to a billion families around the world by eliminating the pain and frustration in creating and managing their digital assets through personalized AI/ML-powered predictive and suggestive insights.

Our mission is to help our customers effortlessly manage their digital assets and provide peace of mind that their digital portfolio is safe and accessible to their designated beneficiaries.

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