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Gantrade Corporation

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Meet Gantrade, a Premier Marketer of Monomers, Intermediates and Polymers Worldwide.

Since 1975, Gantrade has been a leader in the global supply chain for a broad range of monomers, intermediates, and polymers. We proudly serve industries spanning coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE); urethane intermediates, emulsions and polymers; plastics and resins, construction, packaging, automotive, and textiles materials.

Our worldwide marketing organization includes operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Growing a chemical supply operation is about increasing capacity and the ability to deliver the goods. With a global supply chain for a focused group of industries, Gantrade is the one-stop shop for chemical solutions in CASE, urethane intermediates, emulsions and polymers, plastics and resins, and specialty sectors like construction, packaging, automotive, and textiles.

Steady Supply, Diversified Risk, and Dynamic Pricing
For 45 years, we have built a diversified global supply base, founded on responsible relationships with major global producers, and maintaining the principles of integrity, quality, safety and stewardship. The diversity of our supply chain mitigates risks for our customers. By concentrating on a focused number of synergistic product families, the Gantrade team understands market movements, and our global coverage allows instant access to industry information. In addition to enhancing the risk management programs of our customers, our market intelligence and purchasing scale enables us to offer dynamic pricing that helps our customers achieve strong margins.

Gantrade maintains robust inventories in North America, Europe and Asia to ensure continuity of supply to our customers. Our global logistics ensure efficient and dependable sourcing, as well as new sourcing possibilities. We are committed to working with our customers to provide creative solutions and to deliver value for their businesses.

A Partner in Sustainability
Gantrade is committed to advancing the principles of sustainability in the industries in which we operate. Our business model is committed to Total Quality Management (TQM) practices, incorporating health, safety and environment (HSE) management systems into all phases of the chemical life cycle. In addition, we have pledged continuous improvement to protect the safety of our people, our business partners, and the environment. Among our environmental commitments is Responsible Care®, a voluntary sustainability initiative for members of the international chemical community. This program provides a solid foundation for environmental health and safety excellence across our industry.

Knowledge You Can Trust
Gantrade is led by a highly-skilled management team with a diverse array of experience. While we maintain world class expertise and market intelligence for the petrochemical industry, our technical specialists are approachable, accessible, and responsive.

Above all else, we are committed to the highest standards of customer service and operational excellence.

A History of Excellence
Gantrade Corporation was founded in 1975 with the objective of the marketing and sales of petrochemicals. Now in our sixth decade of service to manufacturers worldwide, we’ve achieved continuous growth and expanded from our base in the United States, adding operations and logistics locations to support our customers from Europe and Asia. Our global footprint enables us to serve our customers efficiently and deliver more cost-effective chemical building blocks for their market applications.

Gantrade maintains inventories in North America, Europe and Asia to ensure continuity of supply for our customers, and our global logistics ensure efficient and dependable sourcing. We are committed to working with our customers to provide creative solutions and to deliver value for their businesses.

Put our 45 years of intelligence, experience, and responsiveness to work for you. Get results from a company with a business model that’s committed to your long-term success. Contact Gantrade today for custom-tailored solutions for your monomer, intermediate, and polymer needs.

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