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Wolfe Systems
Wolfe Systems

Mouse ATC - the step forward in controller engineering:

The easy natural movements of the Mouse ATC patterned after the everyday rotation of the hand like opening a door and rotating a motorcycle throttle.

The new moving controller designed by Wolfe Systems and engineered by Iguana Robotics leaves the mouse pad behind and operates without conventional boundaries.

The system is fully ergonomic movement ideal for gaming, CAD, drawing programs and standard input.

The controller operates from the same spot and therefore does not require the standard controller search from keyboard operations and is not bounded or confined by a mouse pad.

- The system is the first controller accepted and utilized in the rapidly expanding ergonomic market.

Full operational or rotational use: gaming, draw, medical and CAD applications are no longer bounded or interrupted by the operating surface.

We are interested in licensing the technology.


Doug Wolfe


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