Brothersoft Forecasts 3D Tech to be Extensively Used in Sports Events Broadcasting After 2010 World Cup

Beijing, China, June 24, 2010 --( The 2010 World Cup is certainly fixed to be the 3D event of the year. With a global audience of billions and with 3D broadcast standards finally in full swing, even guys who have never watched a soccer game in their lives will probably tune in out of curiosity.

Brothersoft, a leading software download portal, believes 3D technology is on the cusp of becoming main stream and the 2010 World Cup could play an important role in take-up of the technology. Brothersoft forecasts 3D is now launching to invade the home market of sports event broadcasting after the World Cup.

Global sport events are very important drivers of new technology, particularly in the TV market.

The corporate director of London 2012 has disclosed they also plan to capture some of the Olympics in 3D. In July 2009, broadcaster Sky said that it would launch "the UK's first 3D channel" by 2010 and hinted that it may launch a sports channel which could include 3D Premier League Football.

With seven pairs of Sony's professional HDC cameras on rigs at each match, the action on the pitch will be captured in stunning 3D quality enabled through its proprietary multi-image processor and 3D Outside Broadcast truck. Sony’s cutting-edge processor, the only one in the market to date, makes an end-to-end workflow possible in the production process and automatically adjusts the depth-of-field to ensure an unprecedented and optimal 3D viewing experience around the world. Starting from the FIFA Confederations Cup last year in South Africa, Sony has been working on enhancing the 3D capturing of fast-moving football action and has since conducted a number of 3D filming trials in Europe.

25 matches in total to be filmed and telecast in 3D, including a carefully chosen selection of those games expected to attract most public attention, such as the opening game on 11 June and the crowning final game on 11 July.

Games to be captured in 3D are:

1. June 11 16:00 RSA-MEX
2. June 12 16:00 ARG-NGA
3. June 13 20:30 GER-AUS
4. June 14 13:30 NED-DEN
5. June 15 20:30 BRA-PRK
6. June 16 16:00 ESP-SUI
7. June 17 13:30 ARG-KOR
8. June 18 16:00 SVN-USA
9. June 19 13:30 NED-JPN
10. June 20 20:30 BRA-CIV
11. June 21 20:30 ESP-HON
12. June 22 20:30 NGA-KOR
13. June 23 20:30 GHA-GER
14. June 24 16:00 SVK-ITA
15. June 25 16:00 POR-BRA
16. June 27 20:30 1st B-2nd A
17. June 28 16:00 1st E-2nd F
18. June 28 20:30 1st G-2nd H
19. July 2 20:30 Quarter-final
20. July 3 16:00 Quarter-final
21. July 3 20:30 Quarter-final
22. July 6 20:30 Semi-final
23. July 7 20:30 Semi-final
24. July 10 20:30 3rd place match
25. July 11 20:30 Final

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