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Innovative Podcast Campaign Garners Marketing Gold for Online Ad Agency

Groundbreaking online advertising agency Cheap TV Spots is bestowed with the Gold Award by the 2006 MarCom Creative Awards, for an innovative podcast website campaign. The winning entry, "Taste the Noise," is a three-commercial TV campaign introducing a podcasting web destination for the age 12-34 market. The honor affirms the agency's solid ability to execute an orchestrated campaign for an internet start-up on a budget. - December 05, 2006 - Academy Leader, Inc.

New OSHA Standard for Exposure Hexavalent Chromium

OSHA recently announced a new standard for exposure to hexavalent chromium, published on February 28, 2006 and effective 90-days from publication. Sensidyne's Gilian Air Sampling Pumps are your best solution when sampling for Hexavalent Chromium. - November 30, 2006 - Sensidyne, LP

Hazmat Kit Rapidly Identifies Hazardous Chemicals Using Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes

Sensidyne's Hazmat III Reponse kit is the ideal tool for quickly identifying hazardous substances from unknown airborne compounds. Using two special multi-layered qualitative detector tubes and a unique color-based ID chart, the Hazmat III Response system can identify about 70 hazardous organic and... - November 30, 2006 - Sensidyne, LP

Dan Dee International Limited Announces the First Step in its Global Sustainability Program by Introducing EarthRite™ Fiber

Dan Dee International Limited announces the first step in its Global Sustainability Program by introducing EarthRite™ Fiber, a new polyester filling that is regenerated for stuffed animals from reclaimed PET (polyethylene terephthalate) drink bottles, versus disposing of them in... - November 30, 2006 - Dan Dee International Limited

Multicultural Publishing Gets a Kick in the Hot Pants

Ocean's Mist Press welcomes new editorial staff and writers - November 29, 2006 - Ocean's Mist Press

OurChurch.Com Launches New Christian Search Engine Powered by Google

OurChurch.Com, whose Directory of Christian Websites is one of the largest and most trustworthy Christian directories online, has launched a new Christian search engine powered by Google’s custom search engine service. OurChurch.Com launched its original Directory of Christian Websites in... - November 28, 2006 - OurChurch.Com

Rover Technology Fusions Contracts with American Medical Specialties

Rover Technology Fusions announced a two year Information Services contract with American Medical Specialties to provide Web design and hosting, as well as, their Rover ARC product for secured off-site digital backup to protect AMS Information Technology Systems. - November 28, 2006 - Rover Technology Fusions

Before Kiss DVD, the First Release from Sico Productions

On December 1, 2006, a brand new start up company "Sico Productions" will debut its first DVD release, Before KISS. Other bands have fan clubs but KISS has a loyal army of fans. This DVD shows the dedication of 3 such fans. Originally filmed back in 1999, 3 die-hard KISS fans set... - November 28, 2006 - Sico Productions

Tampa’s Leading Website Marketing Company Intensifies Their Website

Intense Development has provided its customers with affordable web marketing tools that returns results. The company’s mission has been to deliver high impact services that convert the customers marketing ideas and strategies into reality by providing their businesses with a unique web experience. - November 17, 2006 - ID Web Design

Nudist Resort Invites Will Ferrell to 5K ‘Streak’

Paradise Lakes, America's premier nudist resort, has extended an invite to actor Will Ferrell to reprise his movie role of "Frank the Tank" from "Old School" and participate in Saturday's "Sneaker Streaker 5K' clothing-optional race. - November 16, 2006 - Paradise Lakes Resort

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company Appoints Local Entrepreneur and Ex-Microsoft Executive VP of Sales & Marketing

“Jose Ward will be leading Joffrey’s sales and marketing efforts to build the Joffrey’s brand, and to expand our national presence through multiple channels of distribution,” said Ted Abrams, CEO. “Jose brings a vast amount of experience in sales, operations and... - November 14, 2006 - Joffreys Coffee and Tea Company

JTC Publishing Inc Proudly Presents Journey to Come Radio Show Your Host/Author Matthew Stephens

JTC Publishing Proudly Presents and Sponsors A New and Exciting Psychic Medium Talk Show. Host and Author Matthew Stephens has over 25 years as Psychic and Medium. Journey To Come Radio Show and the Published book (A Journey To Come) are new and very informitive as Matthew gives his views and thoughts On the Air and Online with Guest readers and mediums, Information about the Show and the Book can be found at jtcpublishing .com. - November 12, 2006 - JTC Publishing Inc

OurChurch.Com Launches Custom CMS Website Design Service for Businesses

OurChurch.Com, a leading provider of website design, hosting, and marketing services for Christians, has launched a new website development service for Christian businesses called Custom CMS Express for Business. The new service provides businesses with a customized, interactive website in weeks... - November 10, 2006 - OurChurch.Com

“Blondie” Comic Strip’s Dagwood Realizes Dream, Opens First Sandwich Shop in Palm Harbor on Nov. 9

Tampa Bay Consumers Are First in World to Experience Signature Sandwiches at Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes™ - November 09, 2006 - Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes

Sensidyne Predictive Sensor Failure Cuts Maintenance Cost in Fixed Gas Detection

Preventive maintenance for fixed gas detection relies heavily on sensor condition, history and exposure – vital data not commonly available from most gas monitors. Sensidyne’s SensAlert Plus gas monitors incorporates advanced data retrieval, time-stamped sensor activity, configurable... - November 09, 2006 - Sensidyne, LP

Business Owners Can Get Telephone Training from the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson

Mastermind Jay Conrad Levinson and Business Coach Maurice Evans Co-host Boot Camp Telephone Conference Call. Techniques found in the best-selling Guerrilla Marketing series of books will be taught to business owners. Entrepreneurs will be coached on a live Q&A phone call how to boost profits while spending little or no money. Guerrilla Marketing is a proven low-cost method used to create high impact marketing by small and large business owners alike. - November 07, 2006 - A Business Coach

Medicare and Health Savings Accounts

America's first MSA (now HSA) enrollment and customer service team analyze Medicare's new Medical Savings Account option that begins in 15 days. - November 01, 2006 - Insurance Processing Corporation

Casual Frog, Inc. Launches New Identity

Casual Frog spent the summer creating a new logo and website to better define the organization. - October 31, 2006 - Casual Frog, Inc.

Predator Marketing System Creates Residual Income Streams

Predator's Automated Marketing System has the capacity to create unlimited passive residual income streams for its users. What is Residual Income? Residual income refers to recurring income payments that you receive long after completing your initial product sale. Residual income continues to... - October 31, 2006 - prosperityengine.info

OPI Launches ReVisor® at Fly Fishing Retailer Show

Obsessive Products, Inc. (OPI) announces the national launch of the ReVisor® at the August 24th-26th Fly Fishing Retailer Expo in Denver Co. Designed to add sun protection to one’s ears and neck while wearing a ball cap, the ReVisor® gives anglers an alternative to the traditional... - October 25, 2006 - Obsessive Products, Inc.

OPI Donates ReVisor® to Benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Obsessive Products, Inc., (OPI) announces the donation of 400 ReVisor®, a sun protection accessory, for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s major fundraising event, the Mercury Grand Slam Invitational. - October 25, 2006 - Obsessive Products, Inc.

The ReVisor® Now Available through Orvis

Obsessive Products, Inc., (OPI) announces the availability of the ReVisor® on The Orvis Company, Inc. website. The ReVisor® is featured in a new Orvis product promotion “Hot New Fishing Gear.” - October 24, 2006 - Obsessive Products, Inc.

Ten Years - It's Time - Health Savings Accounts

Save101.com is celebrating 10 years of tax free MSA and HSA enrollments and customer service. January 1, 2007 the Medicare program will offer Medical Savings Accounts as a new option for American seniors. Medicare's MSA option begins 10 years to the day after the original MSA Effective Date of January 1, 1997. - October 19, 2006 - Insurance Processing Corporation

Predator Marketing Systems to Upgrade Services

Predator Marketing System to upgrade services by launching national advertising, adding addtional Business Portfolio options, and sales support services. - October 16, 2006 - prosperityengine.info

Automated Sales System Provides an Alternative to the Traditional Direct Sales Model for Coastal Vacations Travel Products

The Automated Sales System is the first of its kind in the travel industry, marketing a proven product from a 12 year old company, Coastal Vacations. - October 14, 2006 - Live-5-Star.info

World BuyOwner.com Integrates Google Earth Satallite Animation Software to View Homes

World BuyOwner.com Integrates Google Earth Satallite Animation Software to View Homes and Streamline the Home Shopping Experience. See the Video Demonstration at www.WorldbuyOwner.com/News/PressRelease. - October 12, 2006 - WorldBuyOwner.com

Cheap TV Spots Not in Talks to Acquire Spot Runner

Revolutionary online discount TV and radio advertising agency Cheap TV Spots today dispelled rumors circulating the blogosphere that it is in talks to acquire rival Spot Runner. Differences in services are discussed, along with notes on future company plans. - October 02, 2006 - Academy Leader, Inc.

Blondie Comic Strip’s Dagwood Realizes Dream by Opening His First Sandwich Shoppe in Tampa Bay this Fall

Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes®, LLC Makes Restaurant Franchising History as Company has Contracted More than 300 Franchises in U.S. - September 29, 2006 - Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes

Visionary Medical Systems Will be Presenting their Uniquely Tailored Solutions for Rural Health Centers at the Health Information Technology

A Rural Provider’s Roadmap to Quality Conference, September 21 - 23, 2006 in Kansas City, MO. - September 19, 2006 - Visionary Medical Systems, Inc.

The Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (OACHC) has Chosen Visionary/USMD as One of the Best EMR Systems Currently Available for Community Health Centers

The OACHC has recommended Visionary Medical Systems /USMD as one of the best EMR, health center friendly systems available today. - September 18, 2006 - Visionary Medical Systems, Inc.

MeetingZone Implements JCS Technologies' Collaboration Addin for Microsoft(R) Outlook(R)

The Collaboration Addin provides an off the shelf solution for Conference Service Providers looking for a method to quickly, easily, and cost effectively increase referral sales, improve market visibility, and improve customer satisfaction. The tool creates an effective sales channel using the CSP's customers to reach a receptive audience of conference users. - September 12, 2006 - JCS Technologies, Inc.

Smart for Life Weight Management Expands into Tampa Bay Area

Smart for Life has increased to nearly 30 locations in the last 3 years and expansion into the Tampa market forecasts bright future. - September 02, 2006 - Smart For Life Weight Management

Mancini Group LLC Opens Corporate Offices in Tampa, FL

Mancini Group LLC has opened its corporate offices in Tampa, FL offering nationwide pre-employment screening, background checks, consulting services for loss prevention, risk management, workers comp cost management and more. They are a member of (NAIS) National Association of Investigative Specialists. - August 23, 2006 - Mancini Group LLC

Kiteboarding Insurance Essential

According to Logan Long, president of AKSA, “It is irresponsible for our members to travel abroad and participate in this exciting but risky sport without proper insurance coverage. It is for this precise reason that AKSA has aligned with eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC and MNUI to provide... - August 23, 2006 - American Kite Surfing Association

Outdoor Lighting Franchise of Tampa Shines on Florida’s Largest Home Show

NiteLites of Tampa Outdoor Lighting Franchise, the Landscape Lighting Professionals an industry leader in the low voltage outdoor lighting business will be on hand to brighten up Florida’s Largest Home Show September 1-4, 2006 at Tampa Convention Center. - August 22, 2006 - NiteLites Outdoor Lighting

Oddpodz Launches a Blog and Weekly Publication

Oddpodz, the on-line community for creative classers launched a blog and weekly ezine called Openeyez. Oddpodz.com is a new community that went live in July 2006. The site is designed for creatives, artists, innovators, writers, right-brainers, independent thinkers and those who aspire to... - August 15, 2006 - Oddpodz

Intelladon Partners with NetDimensions to Deliver Award Winning E-Learning Solutions

Tampa based solutions provider agrees with LMS provider to offer the Enterprise Knowledge Platform LMS. - August 08, 2006 - NetDimensions

Outskirts Press Releses Racy New Science Fiction Novel, "LOLA wants - LOLA gets," by Jens T. Carstensen

LOLA Wants—LOLA Gets is about a secret society that has as its primary goal the curbing of global warming through the worldwide reduction of pollution. Not such a bad vision unless you consider the way that LOLA is trying to reach its objective. The organization poses as a religion that... - August 05, 2006 - Outskirts Press, Inc.

Dagwood and Blondie Create a Show to Tantalize Guests

Explosive Growth Marks Birth of Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes and appointment of the latest performer, Valerie Oberle, formerly of Walt Disney Co. - August 04, 2006 - Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes

Explosive Growth Marks Birth of Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes, 367 Restaurants Under Contract in Less than 90 Days

Intranet to pipe “Blondie” comics and news into stores every day to create a ‘‘come-back’ experience. - August 04, 2006 - Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes

Outskirts Press Releases "The Book of Revelation: As Translated by The Second Spiritual House"

Revelation means something that is revealed or disclosed. If this is true, then why do the churches, scholars and other "ordained" individuals say that the Book of Revelation is a mystery (something not fully understood or understandable)? This book removes the "mystery" of the Book of Revelation and translates it so that everyone has the opportunity to read and understand the words of John. - August 03, 2006 - Outskirts Press, Inc.

Safety is a Necessary Concern for Kiteboarding (Kitesurfing)

The American Kite Surfing Association (AKSA) is making international insurance coverage easy to secure with instant confirmations online and via email. For those that are participating in any hazardous sporting activity (so long as it is solely for leisure, recreational, entertainment or fitness... - July 31, 2006 - American Kite Surfing Association

Automated Sales System Provides an Alternative to the Traditional Direct Sales Model

The Automated Sales System improves upon the traditional home based business model. By employing a 'personal marketing assistant,' the entrepreneur focuses on advertising, while the personal marketing assistant handles follow-up and sales. Most people who start a home based business will quit... - July 27, 2006 - Live-5-Star.info

Zeal Optics Introduces Innovative Products For Kiteboarders (Kitesurfers)

Individuals are exposed to extreme amounts of sunlight while kiteboarding. This constant exposure can cause irreparable damage to ones eyes. Choosing the correct kind of protective eyewear is just as important as choosing the right board or kite. Zeal Optics has developed innovative... - July 20, 2006 - American Kite Surfing Association

The Features & Benefits of Outsourced Marketing Solutions

Securing branding and an image that is tailored to your target market can be a challenge in today's competitive marketplace. An outsourced marketing solution can be the answer for companies who are looking for a team of professionals to further their cause at a cost-effective price.  QG... - July 11, 2006 - QG Partnership

Visionary Medical Systems Has Been Selected by Choice HealthCare and Georgia's Largest FQHCs as their EMR / PM Solution

Visionary Medical Systems, Inc. (VMS) announced today that it is currently in the implementation process of its DREAM Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Disease Management software with Choice HealthCare, LLC. - June 29, 2006 - Visionary Medical Systems, Inc.

Kite Surfing Tips According to American Kite Surfing Association

American Kite Surfing Association is the leading organization for kite surfers in North America. Founded in 2006 by two extreme sport enthusiasts, membership is anticipated to exceed 30,000 before the end of the year. The purpose of the enterprise is to bring heightened awareness to this... - May 19, 2006 - American Kite Surfing Association

Kite Surfing Ranks as Top Extreme Sport

In a national survey commissioned by the American Kite Surfing Association (AKSA), kite surfing, a relatively new sport in North America, is ranked as the top Extreme Sport. Among the sixteen hundred athletes participating in the study, 71% listed kite surfing as the most exciting and dynamic... - May 17, 2006 - American Kite Surfing Association

“Blondie” Comic Creator Dean Young Makes a Dream Come True, Introducing Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes® Franchise

No. 1 Name in Sandwiches Springs from City Famous for Innovative Franchises to Feed Sandwich Generation’s Demand for Wholesome Fare - May 16, 2006 - Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes

Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes: Where Comics Meet Reality

After 75 years of building a reputation as the consummate sandwich maker, Dagwood Bumstead is about to step out of his comic strip and open his own sandwich shop. - May 11, 2006 - Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes

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