My-911 Launches Worldwide Along with 3 New Portable Bi-Directional Communication and GPS Units

My-911, Inc. Utah ( - announces the official launch of its company. My-911 is a solution and hardware provider for emergency and non-emergency related services worldwide. Designed to address a multitude of markets including: Auto, Motorbike, Elderly, Home and Personal Safety, Children, Personal, and many others. My911 has partnered with worldwide emergency dispatch company GEOS who have offices worldwide.

Salt Lake City, UT, November 03, 2008 --( My-911, Inc. Utah ( - announces the official launch of its company along with 3 new portable Bi-Directional Communication and GPS devices. My-911 is a solution provider for emergency and non-emergency related services worldwide. My-911 owns its own proprietary web-based solution that supports not only its own line of OEM product’s, distributed products but other communication products already on the market. My-911 service solution is designed to address a multitude of markets. Initially targeted to be the next OnStar™ for all vehicles with no installation, and more of a plug-and-play device, supported by an elaborate web based solution and services.

Given the selected units form factor of being a small handheld multi-functional bi-directional device, supported by a multi-level incident support system, the applications are almost endless. Some of the My-911 solution incident levels include:
· Automated monitoring and reporting of an Accident/Personal Impact,
· SOS Emergency, and
· Assistance,
· coupled with bi-directional cell communication, and GPS management.

Multiple markets including the Automotive Industry, Motorbike Bike Industry, Home Based Security Industry, Recreational Industry and Activities (biking, boating, hiking, camping, etc.), Elder Care Services, Child Protection Services and Emergency Services, are all markets My-911 is or will be home to. With the unique combination of GPS and two-way communication, My-911 brings unbeatable service and solutions to the world market.

My-911 product line include the:
· MamboII - an advanced personal tracker that integrates a quad band GSM/GPRS phone for two way communication and a 20 channel low-power GPS receiver for positioning. At first glance, MAMBOII looks like a conventional mobile phone. In the MAMBOII there are many functions designed to address various verticals including: insurance, automobile clubs, travel clubs, roadside assistance, security and fire services, police or technical emergency services. The MAMBOII can be used as a cell phone with the standard features, voice calls, SMS all through a simple menu-guided operation. This small robust device, with a multitude of functionality, can be carried along in a pocket or easily attached in the cabin of vehicle. It is a true mobile all-rounder both for commercial and private users.

· GPS1000 - a small and powerful GPS, GSM/GPRS tracking device that is designed for personal remote positioning and emergency reporting. The GPS1000 is suitable for many applications including personal and/or in-vehicle security. Instantly locating and reporting your position by using GPS, SMS/ GPRS solution, two quick dial keys for emergency calls, two panic buttons for emergency alarm, LCD panel and many other features.

· GPS3000 - is a small and powerful GPS/GSM/GIS mobile personal tracker, with two quick dial keys for calls or SMS reporting, and one SOS button for emergency related incidents. All these features and many more allow for tracking, and communicating with family members and professional workers, providing them with multiple security features and support. The GPS3000 can be remotely controlled by a mobile phone. Target audiences emphasized include child care, physically challenged and eldercare.

My-911 combines the use of portable GPS with two-way communication allowing consumers to have a handheld unit that can be used anywhere and at anytime to track, monitor or report ones’ location. In addition provide directions to any destination, emergency services and cell phone-like bi-directional communication. Each My-911 unit has a built in accelerometer for detecting accidents and personal impacts, automatically notifying emergency personnel of the users exact location, profile and pertinent emergency related information.

“We are certain that the My-911 Services and Product Line will be the De-Facto standard for all communications both emergency and non-emergency related, since although we have our own product’s, our online solution and services will work with any GSM (cell) provider anywhere in the world, and we are able to interface with most communication hardware units.” says Larry Hurwitz, My-911 CEO.

My-911 has partnered with GEOS, an international emergency response company that provides emergency services to hundreds of companies throughout the world. GEOS not only brings the best in emergency management, but also brings to My-911 a wide variety of exceptional value added services like Search and Rescue (SAR), traveler’s security, a pre-established worldwide network of dealers and distributors. “We are extremely excited to work with My-911. They are a top-notch company who is poised to be an industry leader. GEOS plans to utilize it’s own distribution network to sell the My-911 solutions in Europe, Asia, UK, Australia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East” says Bob Davies, CEO of GEOS.

My-911’s corporate headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah. My-911 was formed in 2008, and has 15 employees.

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