Improved Radio Advertising May be a Game-Changer for Advertisers

New York, NY, November 20, 2008 --( A new search engine for just radio ads brings the best features of print and web to radio advertising. This may be a game-changing proposition for advertisers. Radio has long been known for its low cost and target ability. Add to this instant availability of full ad details, links to promotion web pages, metrics, and a single easy-to-remember web address to find any radio ad, then radio may be in a position to outperform all other media forms. is arguably the most memorable name on the radio (go to for an ad memory quiz). Advertisers who list with become just as memorable.

With interested listeners will be able to take advantage of advertisers' offers the very first time they hear an ad. Many potential sales are lost because listeners couldn't remember the advertiser's correct name or contact info and Google searches can deliver a prospect to a seller that does not even advertise on the radio. Well-known large companies have complicated web sites. Listeners often have difficulty finding the offer page for the ad heard. links directly to offer pages. Advertisers with great products but little name recognition can compete with the big budget brands. will improve results for the large and small, the well-known and the unknown.

Sign-up is Free to current and potential radio advertisers during the launch period through March 2009. This revolutionary search tool will extend ad messages and enable listeners to find out more about local product/business, access coupons, promotion details, hours of operation and more.

Radio sales reps can easily list advertisers on their behalf. Those that do are giving their clients a distinct advantage. This may translate into loyalty and larger radio buys in the future.

Agencies will need to make sure their clients are taking full advantage of what has to offer. Some ad copies will no longer need to use valuable time repeating contact info and others will want to add a tag line like 'details at' to the end of the ad. also provides free metrics which can be used to improve future ad copy.

Innovative advertisers like Whole Foods have signed up to take advantage of the function that combines technology and resources to offer advertisers better conversion rates and the ability to compete with the big box ad providers like Google. Robert Reiss, host of the CEO Show notes that " could become the Google of Radio."

As a self-administered program just like Adwords, radio advertisers simply go to to sign up and input their information. They can input the ad details, include coupons, mapping, images, links to their web site and direct links to the product or service they are advertising. The site will be searchable for listeners November 27th, a week later than originally announced, but still in time for Black Friday.

About is a free service that enables radio advertisers to finally track, quantify and understand how effective their radio advertising campaigns are. More importantly to some, it enables listeners to interact with radio advertising that is compelling and of interest to them. The service will enable listeners to quickly find the details and respond to any ad they hear on the radio, regardless of the radio station.

More information is available at

Steven Secaras

Steven Secaras