Proactive Education Benefits Community Westchester, NY Practice Helps Boost Awareness for Overall Health

Proactive Education Benefits Community Westchester, NY Practice Helps Boost Awareness for Overall Health
Westchester, NY, December 04, 2008 --( While many dentists focus on treatment of various conditions, one local woman, Colleen Watson DDS PC of Buchanan Dentist, is taking her knowledge and expertise to the streets. Dr. Watson visits local nursery schools educating young children (and subsequently their parents) to the importance of good dental hygiene, and it’s impact on overall health.

“Too many people don’t know how much can be seen in the oral cavity,” says Watson. Per Watson, 75% of people over 35 have some form of gum disease, which can be the precursor to other common diseases (like heart disease and diabetes). The good news: these conditions can be caught and treated by proactive dental care. The trick is to get people to the dentist for a periodontal exam on a regular basis. That’s where good education comes into play.

So Dr. Watson has embarked on a personal mission: to educate as many young people as possible in the schools surrounding her Hudson Valley practice. A positive first encounter with a friendly dentist can create a better understanding of why good dental health is so important - and start a new dialogue with parents at the same time. Says Watson, it’s cool to make a good impression on the kids and a win-win for the entire family.

Dr Watson has also participated in Black History Month programs for older children, where the emphasis shifts from smart dental health tips to positive career advice. In these talks, Dr Watson tells her young audiences about her career path and that they can achieve anything they want to by adopting forward-looking attitudes and focusing on doing the best they can.

Watson’s practice boosts full service treatment options, including cleanings, root canals, whitening, periodontics, and Invisalign® orthodontic options. Buchanan Dentist is located in a private house at 107 Bannon Avenue in Buchanan. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 914-737-2869 or visit their website at

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