Dallas Music Instructor Publishes Book on Chord Theory with Method Never Seen Before

Mike Ellis Music Instruction in Dallas, Texas, has published a no-nonsense, practical book on how to understand chords on the piano. This book contains a method never seen before in the industry.

Dallas, TX, March 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Understanding chords does not require note reading or memorizing hundreds of formulas, pictures, or charts. The book, Chordmaster Chord Theory for Keyboard, takes a completely new approach to understanding chord names. This book is for all the piano players who really want to play like the pros. Mike Ellis, a veteran music instructor of thirty-six (36) years, has published this book on how to understand chord names and make them quickly and easily.

Mr. Ellis breaks the titles down into their component pieces and tells exactly what each part of the title is telling the player to do to make the chord. Each part of a chord title is an instruction. According to Mr. Ellis, “I can't count how many times I have heard a piano player say 'Sorry, I don't have my sheet music' or 'well, they never taught me chords.' It's really not rocket science. If you can memorize seven rules and if you can count from one to thirteen in odd numbers, you can play Any chord on the piano in days, literally, with no previous note reading or training. And the most important thing is that most piano players in bands have to play chords while the singer sings. You need to be able to play chords.”

The information in this concise, fifty-six page book is presented in an easy-to-understand way for all ages. Published in February, 2009, it is available at http://www.lulu.com/chordmasterforkeyboard. Or visit the Mike Ellis Music Instruction web page at http://www.ellismusiclessons.com. One response from a purchaser was, “I knew there had to be an easier way... thanks for providing it.”

Mike Ellis Music Instruction
Mike Ellis