Use of Offshoring Declines Within the Market Research Industry in 2009

Decreases driven in part by growing quality concerns among market research professionals

Use of Offshoring Declines Within the Market Research Industry in 2009
Stamford, CT, March 17, 2009 --( In a surprising reversal, significantly fewer U.S. market research suppliers and corporate research departments now locate all or a portion of their research team in countries outside of the United States to help lower costs—a practice commonly called “offshoring.”

As revealed in the fourth edition of the Annual Survey of Market Research Professionals, only 18% of all organizations providing or using market research engage in “offshoring,” down significantly from 25% in the prior year.

“Further supporting this repatriating trend, fewer organizations plan to offshore market research in the coming year—down by nearly half to 8%,” said Mike Carroll, Director of Sales and Marketing for MarketResearchCareers.

“While the overall demand for market research is clearly being impacted by the current economic situation, concerns regarding the overall quality of market research services provided by “offshored” entities are on the rise,” said Carroll.

While the ability to control expenses and the satisfaction with offshored market research services remain unchanged, 48% of all market research professionals believe “offshoring” erodes the overall quality of market research—up from 44% last year. And 36% believe “offshoring” is a bad business practice—up from 30% in the prior year.

Market research professionals concerned with offshoring sound off:

* “Our experience is that it does not save time or money; it costs more in time and money to fix the problems it generates.”

* “Not sure if it’s still cracked up to be what it was years ago. Prices are increasing and quality of the work is declining.”

* “It brings down the morale and trust of employees overall. It’s just bad business even if it saves money.”

Those supporting offshoring cite:

* “It’s a necessary evil since this is one way companies can stay competitive.”

* “It’s a fact of doing business – accept it and embrace it or get left behind.”

“Given heightening quality concerns, market research organizations need to more carefully determine if offshoring is appropriate for their organizations and customers,” said Carroll.

The research was conducted between January 5 and January 19, 2009 with 612 market research professionals (both suppliers and buyers across all industries) completing an online survey. The survey completion rate was 72.7% and the aggregate data have a tolerance of +/- 4.0%.

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