Canvas Vs. Computer: Are Pixels the New Paint? Modbook Artist at Work.

Expand your artist pallet using the ModBook Macintosh Tablet computer. TechRestore, the only Axiotron Authorized Service Provider that performs Overnight ModService, posts a time-lapse video of an artist painting on canvas and on the ModBook.

Concord, CA, March 18, 2009 --( You might think that an artist who's painted with oils and brushes his whole life would just be a fish out of water, when asked to use the latest high-tech art tool, but, as artist Anthony Riggs shows here, the right computer is just another brush in the hands of an experienced painter. In this time-lapse video, he can be seeing painting first, on canvas, then on a Modbook tablet computer, with amazing results. "I really like the fact that I can use whatever color I want instantly, without looking for the right tubes of paint and mixing them on a palette," said Riggs.

The Modbook offers such exceptional responsiveness and unsurpassed levels of sensitivity, that it blurs the line between electronic and traditional media, unlike other tablet laptops. It's 'force-glass' screen is etched to emulate the feel of paper and the stylus comes with a variety of tips to emulate nearly any pen, pencil or brush.

While comparably priced screen/tablet devices do exist for desktop computers, the Modbook is also a fully functional Macintosh computer, is completely portable, and even has GPS functionality. The invention of portable easels and paint tubes revolutionized the art world, spawning the most popular style in art history: impressionism. We can only wonder what styles will emerge from a virtual studio full of paints and brushes that's the size of a sketchbook.

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Shannon Jean