Award Winning Independent Film, Perfect Sport, is Released on DVD

Seattle, WA, May 20, 2009 --( Washington-based entertainment production company Building Block Pictures LLC, in conjunction with Washington-based distributor Indieflix Inc, is releasing the multi-award-winning feature “Perfect Sport” on DVD on Tuesday May 19 2009 after a successful festival run.

Writer-director Anthony O'Brien stars in the teen sports drama, alongside Jessica Rose (Lonelygirl15, Greek) and Gary Hudson (Roadhouse, Paradise Falls). “Perfect Sport” won Best Picture at both Worldfest Houston 2008 and MyFestival 2008, and also the Audience Award at both the Seattle International Film Festival 2008 and the National Film Festival For Talented Youth (NFFTY) 2009, where it received a standing ovation.

This is not your average teen movie, and Lee Bishop (Anthony O’Brien) does not have the same problems as your average teenager. When his mother leaves for Iraq, Lee is forced to grow up quickly. As though maintaining his varsity spot on the wrestling team wasn’t enough to deal with, his younger sister Tina (Jessica Rose) decides to join the team. In addition Tina is being aggressively pursued by an upperclassman and since their father is out of the picture, Lee feels he is her only defense against the corrupting influences around her.

Enter Joe Kross (Gary Hudson), the owner of a local gym, who agrees to help coach the wrestling team. Because Lee is without guidance, Joe’s increasing influence threatens to push Lee over the precipice. Lee must decide how far he is willing to go to secure his own future while protecting his sister - all before personal demons, and an act of sexual violence threaten to destroy him. With standout performances by Gary Hudson, Jessica Rose, Nick Richey, Anthony O’Brien and Jim Turner, Perfect Sport will make you question - how far would you be willing to go?

Perfect Sport is available on DVD and video on demand at IndieFlix and Amazon. The award-nominated soundtrack by Tim Borquez is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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