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Athens, Greece, July 19, 2009 --( - currently dubbed the worlds "number #1" casino blog has released a "new look" to it's famous casino blog website. Sporting over 3 million unique visitors a month, the gambling blogs direct influence can be felt on every serious gambling & casino website.

The online casino blog was recently awarded the "Most Read Casino Blog" award by the WTCF association commending years of contribution to the online casino community.

The casino blog has a strong dedicated community of professional Online Gaming & Gamblers, Poker Players, Sports Book, Backgammon, Texas Holdem, Bingo and even Forex Masters who offer tips, tricks, and hard core statistics to teach gamblers how to increase the odds.

The betting methods mentioned on are rumored to have directly contributed to the success of various top name Las Vegas Poker Tournament Winners. It's become very customary that all winning tournament members appear on the day after their jackpot success to offer professional advice.

In a recent interview with Mark Davidson, author of "How to Gamble Small & Win Big", the acclaimed author praised by stating " has reached out to millions of online internet gamblers providing a virtual home to online poker room amateurs & tournment pro's looking for advanced casino tips & tricks to increase the odds."

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