Swine Flu Lands in Puerto Rico Local Company Well-Prepared; Procures Supply of Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Bayamon, Puerto Rico-based ISP, Inc. a leading supplier and service provider to government agencies, educational systems and local distributors has partnered with MGS Brands Inc. of Fairfield, Connecticut, which makes and markets Hy5 and Soapopular brand alcohol-free, rinse-free hand sanitizer products to ensure that Puerto Rico residents can have access to an abundant supply of hand hygiene products in the course of defending against Swine Flu.

Bayamon, PR, July 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- While local media outlets and government health care officials have added fuel to the "pandemic fire" by endorsing flammable, alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels as a means to protect against the current “outbreak” of Swine Flu (H1N1) in Puerto Rico, and in turn, causing a shortage of hand sanitizer products throughout the Island, Bayamon-based ISP, Inc. a leading supplier and service provider to government agencies, educational systems and local distributors had already prepared for a surge in demand for safe and effective hand hygiene products by partnering with the makers of Hy5 and Soapopular, leading alcohol-free, rinse free, antiseptic hand sanitizer products that are proven to be effective against numerous viruses, including H1N1.

Benjamin Nieves of ISP, Inc. stated, “It was only a matter of time before the concerns about Swine Flu would escalate here in Puerto Rico, and we recognized there would be a need to obtain large stocks of safe, yet highly effective hand sanitizer products quickly and cost-efficiently. After evaluating various manufacturers’ products, the logistics and local needs, it was obvious that alcohol-based hand sanitizer products have become suspect when considering how these products are being abused or misused, and because of the flammable nature of the product, its very difficult to bring into the island quickly."

Added Nieves, “It took us little time to research the market and determine that certain alcohol-free hand sanitizer formulas are not only superior with regard to effectiveness against a variety of viruses, including H1N1, but these products are safer to the skin, non-irritating, and non-flammable; making the transport, warehousing and distribution a very simple process."

In procuring products for the Island, ISP, Inc. has partnered with MGS Brands, Inc. of Fairfield, Connecticut, the US license for Soapopular brand, and the manufacturer of Hy5 alcohol-free, rinse-free hand sanitizers.

Noted MGS Brands spokesperson Pedro Mata, Jr. “The rapid trend toward alcohol-free, rinse–free and antiseptic hand sanitizer products is best illustrated by the fact that our customers include federal government agencies, military, law enforcement, health care facilities, major corporations, and hundreds of schools throughout the United States and Canada. Most have come to us unsolicited, and have told us that they’ve prohibited alcohol-based sanitizers, and have necessarily sought out non-alcohol, non-flammable products that are proven to be equally effective when compared to legacy alcohol-based products, yet safer to use and to implement within respective facilities."

Added Mata, “Since well-before initial outbreaks of Swine Flu were reported in April, we’ve remained prepared to meet most large-scale immediate and ongoing supply needs. Our manufacturing facilities in the US and in Canada have significant production capabilities, and we currently have more than adequate inventory, including a range of package sizes and dispensing systems to meet the demands of the largest customers and distribution partners."

All of the hand sanitizer products made by MGS brands are FDA-registered, and all are rinse-free, fragrance-free, and dye-free. Most package sizes dispense formula in a soft-format, and smaller bottle sizes use a spray dispense. The company's Hy5 brand includes an OSHA-compliant packaging system using 1000ml disposable cartridges and the Soapopular brand, which is registered with the US FDA, as well as Canadian and UK counterparts maintains a variety of bottle sizes and dispensers and readily available through select retailers in the mainland United States, including leading supermarkets, WalMart Supercenters, OfficeMax.com, Amazon.com, and directly from the company’s website at soapyusa (dot) com

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Swine Flu Lands In Puerto Rico; Local Company Well-Prepared With Hand Hygiene Solution

Swine Flu Lands In Puerto Rico; Local Company Well-Prepared With Hand Hygiene Solution

ISP Inc. of Bayamon Puerto Rico has partnered with MGS Brands, the manufacturer and marketer of Soapopular and Hy5 alcohol-free hand sanitizer products to ensure that Puerto Rico residents have abundant supply of safe, effective non-alcohol hand sanitizer products