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Skidmark Cards to Rihanna: We'll Lower the Bar if You Help Raise Awareness

"Skidmark Cards is a greeting card company dedicated to raising funds and awareness for victims of domestic violence," according to spokesman Thomas Burr. The spokesman adds, "We seek nothing more than to further our cause, along with trying to gain the support of the public at large, which includes our offer to Rihanna."

Cumberland, RI, July 27, 2009 --( In a previous press release from Skidmark Cards, July 11th, 2009, Skidmark Cards offered Rihanna a free Skidmark Break-Up Card to give to Chris Brown and our company would then enthusiastically donate $100.00 in Rihanna's name to a local women’s shelter for victims of domestic abuse. "The silence from her camp, since that date, has been both deafening and disconcerting" according to spokesman Thomas Burr. "We did not expect her for one minute to address our company directly," added Burr, who goes on to say, "We did, however, expect Rihanna to address this issue of domestic violence directly and forthright."

In the intervening weeks since Skidmark Cards's statements, Chris Brown has issued a very public apology. "In his two-minute act of contrition," as Burr put it, "he offered no excuses, spoke of meeting with his Mother and spiritual leader, stated his intention to complete his domestic violence program, asked for forgiveness and hit on a multitude of predictable platitudes. No one, including us, has a crystal ball to look into his soul to gauge his sincerity or motivation for this gushing of remorse and repentance. He may be entirely sincere in his apology and we take him at his word and wish him the best."

"What was particularly of note," said Burr, "was Chris Brown stating in his recorded apology that his long term goal was to be 'truly worthy of the term role model,' as Brown himself put it. With fame and fortune comes responsibility," says Burr. "At least this lesson isn’t lost on Mr. Brown, it sounds like he really gets it," Burr concludes. "Maybe it’s partly the fault of society when we put a movie star, sports figure or pop star up on a pedestal to worship them, then we enjoy their spiral downward when they prove to be mere mortals," the spokesman states.

Burr adds, "We understand Rihanna’s instinct to put this untidiness behind her, look forward and concentrate on her thus far, meteoric rise to stardom. However; she has achieved the heights of stardom not only from her innate talents, but also from the support and adoration she has received from her millions of fans. Again, with fame and fortune comes responsibility. This company honestly believes, even though she is the victim, she has the responsibility to reach out to her core fan base (mostly young woman). She should let them know, in no uncertain terms, that no woman, girl, or for that matter, human being should ever believe for one nano-second, that it’s acceptable to be struck or abused in any way by another."

Burr says, "At Skidmark Cards, it is our central belief that something good can come from something ugly and regrettable. Rihanna is in a clear position to encourage young women to leave abusive relationships and save many untold lives in the process. I would like to state openly, if Rihanna takes a public stand against domestic violence; Skidmark Cards will donate $250.00 in the talented starlets name to a local women’s shelter. All we ask is to please give back to a world that has given you so much. If I could speak with her personally I would tell her: 'You, Rihanna, have the power to turn your victimization into victory. Please speak out and help raise awareness for victims of domestic and teen violence. Silence is the enemy,'" Burr finishes.

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