Nine-to-Fivers Find Relief in Nature Photography

Organization Members Escape the Daily Grind: Set Time Aside to Take, Share and Discuss Nature Photos.

Bedford, NH, September 01, 2009 --( It has been well documented that spending time relaxing in a natural setting is potent medicine for those who battle the stress of modern living. Long commutes and demanding jobs take a heavy toll, so it’s no wonder that those in high-stress occupations look for ways to bring peace and tranquility into their lives during off hours.

According to Jim Erhardt, founder of the Nature Photographers Network, picking up a camera and spending time outdoors in a peaceful, natural setting is the perfect way to do so. Members of the Nature Photographers Network find that being out in nature and focusing on its beauty through the camera’s viewfinder is a sure-fire way to melt the stress away. Established in April of 2000, the organization’s website - - provides a forum for its members to extend this relaxing activity to include every day of the week by posting their photos and enjoying those posted by other members. While viewing a beautiful nature photo on a computer screen is not the same as actually being out in nature, it does afford a quick mental escape and serves as a buffer to the demands of modern living. The site’s impressive traffic statistics of 100,000 monthly unique viewers, generating nearly 2 million page views per month seem to confirm that even non-photographers benefit from simply viewing the professional-quality nature photos posted in the various galleries on the site.

To further promote the appreciation of our natural world among the general public, the Nature Photographers Network has announced its first annual Nature Appreciation Day on Sunday, October 4, 2009. Photos captured on that day by NPN members under this year’s nature appreciation theme "What Nature Photography Means to Me" will be posted in a special gallery on the site. As part of the event, the organization is encouraging all "nine-to-fivers" to set some time aside for a visit to a local park to enjoy the peace and solitude nature has to offer – camera optional.

For additional information on the Nature Photographers Network Nature Appreciation Day – or to view an extensive online collection of nature photos - visit their website at .

You too may find it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Nature Photographers Network
Jim Erhardt