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DCIA Invites Participation in P2P-for-Games Working Group

New Initiative Aims to Protect Consumers and Intellectual Property of Distribution Channel Participants

DCIA Invites Participation in P2P-for-Games Working Group
Washingtion, DC, September 03, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The Distributed Computing Industry Association (www.DCIA.info), a trade organization representing peer-to-peer (P2P) and related software providers, content rights holders, Internet service providers (ISPs), and service-and-support companies, today announced a call for participation in the newly formed P2P-for-Games Working Group (PFGWG) and for speakers at the inaugural P2P & GAMES CONFERENCE.

Qualified interested parties are invited to e-mail PFGWG@dcia.info or call +1-410-476-7965 to sign-up or for more information.

"The purpose of this working group is to help leading P2P software distributors and online games publishers develop best practices that will optimize commercial distribution of digital games and updates to personal computers (PCs), game consoles, and mobile devices by means of P2P applications and P2P-enabled software," said DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty in making the announcement.

Co-Chairs for the PFGWG are Rick Buonincontri, CEO of Solid State Networks (www.solidstatenetworks.com) and Rich Roberts, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at PlayFirst (www.playfirst.com) representing the interests of P2P software developers and distributors and games publishers and marketers, respectively.

“Instilling the greatest degree of consumer confidence in, adoption of, and satisfaction with P2P technologies used for the distribution of digital games and updates is a key priority for this working group, and we intend to accomplish this by offering consumers optimal transparency, control, and value when using P2P technologies for the distribution of games,” said PFGWG Co-Chair Rick Buonincontri.

“Providing industry participants with practices and procedures that will ensure the protection of intellectual property (IP) of such content offerings is also a key priority for our work, and we intend to provide relevant vendors and Internet service providers (ISPs) with recommendations for how they, too, can participate in the commercial enhancement of IP protection for digital games and updates distributed by means of P2P technologies,” added PFGWG Co-Chair Rich Roberts.

Charter members of the PFGWG include Abacast (www.abacast.com), Activision Blizzard (www.activisionblizzard.com), PlayFirst (www.playfirst.com), Real Networks (www.real.com), Solid State Networks (www.solidstatenetworks.com), Turbine (www.turbine.com), Velocix (www.velocix.com), and Yummy Interactive (www.yummyinteractive.com).

Membership in the PFGWG is organized in two groups: P2P software developers and distributors; and games publishers and marketers.

Qualifications for participation in the PFGWG are that the primary business of prospective participants be one of the above two categories. For such PFGWG participants, there is no cost to participate in the PFGWG and no pre-requisite for acceptance into the PFGWG.

The PFGWG is open to all P2P software developers and distributors and online games publishers and marketers on a global basis, subject only to the approval of PFGWG leadership. In addition, DCIA Member companies in good standing are entitled as a privilege of Membership to participate in the PFGWG.

A membership class of observers may be created for vendors, Internet service providers (ISPs), and support entities that are interested in the PFGWG but are not otherwise qualified to actively participate.

The PFGWG will also seek to enlist public and IP interest groups specializing in games as co-sponsors. In addition, appropriate US federal regulatory authorities have been invited to participate in and monitor PFGWG activities.

The first-ever day-long P2P & GAMES CONFERENCE will take place in Santa Monica, CA on Thursday October 22nd in conjunction with Digital Hollywood Fall.

The conference will focus on consumer issues, business models, revenue generation, market trials, content protection, and case studies that demonstrate the benefits of P2P and cloud computing for the distribution of games and updates to networked devices from PCs to consoles to mobile-phones. Digital Hollywood Fall is the premier entertainment and technology conference in the country.

To extend the reach of the P2P & GAMES CONFERENCE to those unable to personally attend the event, which is being held in the Catalina Room of Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, a live interactive webcast of the event will also be provided, which will be viewable on-demand after the conference as well.

Prospective speakers are welcome to call +1-410-476-7965 or e-mail at PGC@dcia.info.

About the DCIA

The Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) is a non-profit trade organization focused on commercial development of peer-to-peer (P2P), cloud computing, file-sharing, and related distributed computing technologies.

DCIA Membership is organized into three Groups: Content, Operations, and Platform. The DCIA conducts working groups and special projects, such as the P3P Working Group, (P3PWG), P4P Working Group (P4PWG), Inadvertent Sharing Protection Working Group (ISPG), P2P Digital Watermark Working Group (PDWG), Consumer Disclosures Working Group (CDWG), P2P PATROL, and the P2P Revenue Engine (P2PRE). It also publishes the weekly online newsletter DCINFO. For more information, please visit www.DCIA.info.

About Solid State Networks

Solid State Networks is a leading developer of specialized, high performance content delivery solutions. Since early 2007, Solid State Networks has steadily gained recognition within the gaming industry as a highly innovative company with reliable technology and versatile game delivery and patching solutions for companies such as Funcom, Wizards of the Coast, Abandon Interactive, Riot Games, and others. For more information, please visit www.solidstatenetworks.com.

About PlayFirst

PlayFirst is an innovative entertainment company that makes games appealing to everyone. PlayFirst creates engaging story worlds that capture imaginations and makes those experiences available everywhere consumers want to play. PlayFirst teams create outstanding games, then they bring those games to life across popular platforms worldwide including PC, Mac, mobile, handheld, and console. The company's portfolio includes world-renowned titles, such as Diner Dash®, Wedding Dash®, Chocolatier®, and Dream Chronicles®. PlayFirst games are available in major retailers and on more than 500 sites in 20 languages. For more information, visit www.playfirst.com.

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