The Reign of 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa' is Over as Boomer Grandparents Opt for More Fitting Names

Baby boomers have redefined every aspect of our culture and grandparent names are no exception. New book You Can Call Me Hoppa! The Grandparents' Guide to choosing a name that Fits helps modern grandparents find the answer to the 'what to be called?' question.

The Reign of 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa' is Over as Boomer Grandparents Opt for More Fitting Names
Phoenix, AZ, September 11, 2009 --( Baby boomers are faced with dilemmas everyday, from retirement during tough economic times to shrinking social security funds. However, few issues torment Boomers as much as the daunting task of naming themselves on the cusp of becoming a grandparent.

Grandma or Granny? Papa or Granddaddy? This generation of grandparents is unlike any other. They do not want their role as grandparent to be the old, homey, onlooker that traditional names imply. Instead, Boomers want unique names that won’t age them, that put some personality into the role and that embody their hands-on, youthful approach.

The Wall Street Journal, a renowned publication that covers hard-hitting news, recently usurped coverage of bailouts and 401Ks and featured a lengthy, front page article on the grandparent name debate. Wall Street Journal reporter Ann Zimmerman introduced the stories of Glamma, Coco and Papa Doc and explored many of the reasons Boomers opt for alternative monikers.

You Can Call Me Hoppa! The Grandparents’ Guide to Choosing a Name That Fits by Lauren Charpio is an exploration of hundreds of names and stories from grandparents everywhere. “This book is meant to serve as a compilation of suggestions for a less traditional, but unique grandparent name,” said Charpio. “Today’s new Boomer grandparents have reinvented so many aspects of our culture and their approach to grandparenting is no exception. They want names that are just as innovative, unique and dynamic as they are.”

Grandparent's Day is September 13, 2009 and with a new grandparent born every 20 seconds in the US, there are bound to be millions of new Boomer grandparents longing for perfect names. You Can Call Me Hoppa! is perfect for expecting parents looking to surprise their soon-to-be grandparents with the news, and for current grandparents who may feel that they would like a more creative and personal name.

Charpio’s inspiration for the guide is based on her own experience as a new mom and daughter to first-time grandparents as they set out on a challenging quest to find the perfect grandparent names. The book is meant to inspire discussions and ideas for new grandparents and their families so that they can find a name that fits them perfectly.

You Can Call Me Hoppa! The Grandparents Guide to Choosing a Name that Fits retails for $15.95. It is available for purchase through, many book retailers and

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Lauren Charpio was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She attended the University of San Diego, and some time spent at Oxford in England inspired a fascination with all things global. She started her career in international banking but longed to flex her creative muscle. She later attended Thunderbird School of Global Management, where she received the Masters in International Management that ultimately facilitated a career change to marketing and brand strategy. Lauren has spent many years working as a consultant to some of the world’s best brands, striving to inspire others to build strategies and experiences informed by cultural shifts. The shift that affected her life the most was the one from singleton, to wife, to working mother of two. A shift made easier with the help of two sets of doting first-time grandparents who longed for fitting names…

You Can Call Me Hoppa! The Grandparents' Guide to Choosing a Name that Fits
Lauren Charpio