Operation Life Transformed's "Three Step Transformation" Receives 2009 Newman's Own Award

Fisher House Foundation Inc., Newman's Own Inc., and Military Times Media Group Supports Life Improvements for Military Families.

Operation Life Transformed's "Three Step Transformation" Receives 2009 Newman's Own Award
Washington, DC, September 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- In a ceremony at the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, Operation Life Transformed (OLT), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting military families, received the 2009 Newman’s Own Award, which recognizes organizations that provide unique opportunities to improve the quality of life for military families. The Fisher House Foundation, Newman’s Own, and the Military Times Media Group recognized the efforts of OLT in improving the quality of life for military families across the United States. Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was also on hand to present the award. The Newman’s Own grant of $7,500 will assist 26 severely injured service personnel and their caregivers or spouses at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers, under OLT’s “Three Step Transformation” project.

OLT provides virtual nationwide training and employment into portable careers for military spouses, caregivers of the war wounded, and veterans. The average age of a wounded service member is 23, and the dedication of his or her family toward his recovery is critical. The monumental difficulties and financial requirements that come with caring for a military member with a medical need, disability, or injury can take their toll on a family, which is exactly what OLT strives to improve. With educational opportunities and the ability for caregivers to train by the bedside of their war wounded, these families are able to provide long-term care, while preparing for supplemental income prospects.

Paul Newman's iconic likeness adorns a variety of products in grocery stores. Newman and the foundation donate all after-tax profits and royalties to educational and charitable causes. Since 1982, Newman and his foundation have given more than $250 million to thousands of charities worldwide. The Fisher House™, co-sponsor of the Newman’s Own Award program, is a unique private public partnership that supports America's military families in their time of need.

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mullen was the keynote speaker at the 10th annual Newman’s Own Award Ceremony in the Pentagon Hall of Heroes stressing the importance of supporting our military forces and their families. “We are just at the beginning of addressing the needs of our military families. Through innovative efforts such as those recognized today, Americans are showing their support and helping to take care of our heroes and their families,” Mullen said.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized by the Fisher House and Newman’s Own for our efforts,” noted Tania Mercurio, President and Executive Director of Operation Life Transformed. “OLT is a partnership with colleges, educational institutions, communities, businesses, and medical centers to support our military servicemen and women and their families. As we continue to broaden our initiatives, we look forward to continuing to expand our reach with the American public to improve the wellness of military families.”
“I am grateful that there are so many Americans that are willing to sacrifice their lives to ensure that mine is protected. As a small business owner, I feel compelled to do whatever I can to thank not only our military, but also their spouses. Without their dedication, I would not be afforded the opportunities I enjoy to pursue the American dream,” said Jocelyn Philbrook, Founder and Partner, ICE Worldwide, LLC., an independent marketing organization that has dedicated time and effort to raise awareness for OLT “Operation Life Transformed is a remarkable organization with a noble mission and one I am glad to support.”

About Operation Life Transformed
Founded in March 2007, Operation Life Transformed is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting military spouses (including Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve) and caregivers of the war wounded. The organization’s mission is to provide education and resources to military families and increase awareness of their long-term needs as they re-enter the workforce. In August 2007, OLT was the only military spouse, war wounded caregiver program awarded the "Fisher House Newman’s Own Award.” Learn more at www.operationlifetransformed.org

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Press Release

In a ceremony at the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, Operation Life Transformed (OLT), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting military families, received the 2009 Newman’s Own Award.