Consul General of Israel to New England Reaches Out to Teen Leaders for Peace

Muslim and Jewish Teens Meet with Nadav Tamir to Discuss Peace in Israel

Consul General of Israel to New England Reaches Out to Teen Leaders for Peace
Portsmouth, NH, November 11, 2009 --( The Consul General of Israel to New England, Nadav Tamir, in partnership with Friends Forever, a 501(c)(3) global non-partisan advocacy and awareness organization dedicated to peace, met with Israeli teens as part of the 2009 / 2010 Friends Forever Life Raft Program. From October 17th to November 2nd, Muslim and Jewish Israeli youth leaders selected for this year’s Life Raft Program visited the United States to conduct team building activities and community service programs, interact with business executives, as well as engage each other in a dialogue on the importance of mutual respect.

These youth leaders were chosen for their academic performance, dedication to coexistence, written essays, and personal interviews. While in the U.S., the teens are united by their shared love for Israel, a visit to a foreign country without their parents and goals for peace. As part of their first visit to Boston, MA, Consul General Nadav Tamir hosted a personal meeting with the group, where he outlined his personal commitment to peace in the region. Explaining to the group that many in Boston view Israel as its sister city, Mr. Tamir outlined some of his initiatives and goals in supporting Israeli citizens in New England.

In this unprecedented event, Mr. Tamir noted, "At the Consulate, supporting organizations like Friends Forever that promote coexistence is one of our highest priorities. The connections these organizations build between individuals are absolutely vital for creating constituencies that will further the peace process. It was a great opportunity to be able to sit down and witness firsthand the work they do. I look forward to future collaboration between the Consulate and Friends Forever.”

As the principal for the Arab school in Israel that participated in this year’s program, Jamil Habib Allah said, “It was an honor to meet with Mr. Tamir. He clearly understands the issues we face. For the students, the immersion through a structured program provides our youth leaders with new lenses to the world. The exchange of knowledge, experience and culture, and the subsequent sharing with fellow students, teachers, families and their community on their return are among the lasting components of the agenda.”

“We are incredibly grateful to the Consulate General of Israel for his support of these teens. The participants of Friends Forever are joined together by an admirable - and often difficult to achieve - common goal, peace. Those individuals and businesses that partner with us make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people that are touched by Friends Forever,” noted Steve Martineau, executive director, Friends Forever.

About Friends Forever
Friends Forever is a 501(c)(3) global non-partisan advocacy and awareness organization dedicated to peace, particularly in Ireland and Israel. Friend Forever’s members work in their local communities domestically and internationally to raise awareness and help build programming that will support these young Irish and Israeli leaders as they team to address the challenges that face their communities. The organization works closely with local experts, regional leaders and educational institutions to promote healthy communication within disparate fractions and to end violence.

Since 1986, Friends Forever has built hundreds of lasting friendships across the cultural, religious, and political divides of Northern Ireland and Israel. The organization brings together multi-faith teens to live, laugh, learn, and volunteer together in host communities in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. These youth leaders, upon completing Friends Forever's unique two-week "Life Raft" experience, return home to perpetuate tolerance in their own communities. For information please visit,

About Consulate General of Israel, New England
The Consulate General of Israel is the official representative of the State of Israel to New England. We serve as the liaison between the residents of New England and the State of Israel. Through the fields of academia, culture, politics, economy, press and public diplomacy, we promote knowledge and understanding of Israel. The Consulate's district encompasses Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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Common Paths Group and Israeli General Consul of New England

Common Paths Group and Israeli General Consul of New England

Additional Picture - Meeting with the Friends Forever Group at the General Consul headquarters