CPX Interactive Announces Proprietary Ad Management Platform

Online ad network, CPX Interactive, to launch technology platform, CPX adROItâ„¢, in early 2010

CPX Interactive Announces Proprietary Ad Management Platform
New York, NY, December 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Global online ad network, CPX Interactive, has announced the development of its own proprietary ad management platform, CPX adROIt™. The platform will include a cutting-edge global ad server as well as innovative advertiser and publisher interfaces. The official launch is scheduled for early 2010. The release of CPX adROIt™ represents the ad network’s first major foray into enterprise-level technology development.

The new platform incorporates two years of strategic development and is expected to solidify CPX’s position amongst the largest global players in the online display advertising space. CPX adROIt™ will incorporate the collective industry experience of the CPX management team, most of whom have participated in the space since its earliest days.

Layering some powerful value propositions on top of the network’s vast global reach, CPX adROIt™ promises to be a groundbreaking release. Early descriptions of the system’s capabilities include:

1) The ability to execute and manage online media buys of unlimited size,
2) The ability to manage client advertising spend to an ‘effective cost per anything’ (eCPX),
3) The ability to deliver customized audiences through real-time data integration, and
4) The ability to create custom systems integrations for both supply and demand side platforms.

The launch also represents a significant pivot in the global ad network’s growth. Back in the early 2000’s, B.U.D.S. Inc (the first ad network created by CPX CEO, Mike Seiman, and CTO, Carlton Hickman) operated an ad serving platform built by the two founders. As B.U.D.S. Inc. grew and became CPX Interactive, the strategic decision was made to embrace the, then fledgling, Right Media Exchange (now owned by Yahoo!). In the years since, CPX Interactive has grown to become one of the largest players in, not only the Right Media Exchange, but in all industry exchanges. The CPX management team sees the return to a propriety platform as both a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit that originally launched the network and a logical next step in the evolution of the company.

CEO, Seiman puts the technology launch into perspective. “CPX adROIt™ was created to enhance our ability to leverage all the exchanges and publisher optimization platforms on the Internet while maintaining the highest level of ROI for our clients on any metric. CPX adROIt™ will be a one-stop shop for an advertiser to leverage the breadth of online media across the entire globe. The truth is, we have grown beyond what third party technology can allow us to do. Considering how successful we have been operating this way, just imagine what we will be able to accomplish with our own technology, fully customized for our needs.”

CTO, Hickman is proud of what the development team has accomplished, explaining, “The platform truly is the culmination of everything we have learned. Mike (Seiman) and I started out as website publishers looking to monetize our own inventory as efficiently as possible. We have kept that empirical understanding of what publishers and advertisers want at the center of our vision, and CPX adROIt™ represents the fullest picture of that vision.”

CPX President & COO, Rob Rasko, says of the global technology platform release, “The development of our own technology is a completely logical evolution of our business and speaks to the maturity of our overall offering. The launch of the new system now marries our solid business model with a world class platform from which to base our future business. The release of CPX adROIt™ serves to solidify our place in among the leaders of the network industry.”

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About CPX Interactive:

As a global online ad network, CPX Interactive is redefining the online advertising landscape. By layering the development and execution of cutting edge online strategies on top of its own global distribution model, CPX ensures advertisers success on any metric while efficiently monetizing 100% of its publishers' inventory, from premium to remnant.

CPX Interactive delivers more than 30 billion impressions to more than 200 million unique users in more than 60 countries every month, and was named the 6th fastest growing privately held advertising/marketing company in the US by Inc. Magazine.

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