Newly Redesigned Website Launches January 2010 with an Online Learning Environment - TLC

Therapy in Transition (TITO) launches a newly redesigned website providing membership privileged benefits such as private discussion forums moderated by a panel of experts dedicated to supporting member’s personal and professional success and Tito’s Learning Center or TLC where individuals can enroll in online courses to broaden their skills and knowledge.

Newly Redesigned Website Launches January 2010 with an Online Learning Environment - TLC
Wilsonville, OR, December 30, 2009 --( Therapy in Transition has opened their newly redesigned website for beta testing. Individuals can access all areas of the website including those that will be limited to members only. Beta testers can view a complete course list available for enrollment now for classes beginning February 2010.

“Three months after launching our previously improved site,” TITO’s Co-Creative Director and Founder Karen Kleinwort explains “I knew we’d already out grown the site’s capabilities and began the journey of creating this new site to be more intuitive for the user as well as expand the functionality for its members.” With the newly designed site just a few weeks away from being launched, beta testers will have access to entire site which includes the a panel of experts who will be moderating forums to answer individual questions of the members personally; they will also have first choice of enrollment to courses through TLC prior to the general public and have the ability to read articles written specifically for TITO members to expand their knowledge in their quest for furthering their own personal and professional growth. During the beta testing period, online membership fees will be discounted to $100/year after the beta testing is complete the fees will be $15.99/month or $159.99/year.

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Therapy in Transition LLC facilitates self-activating women and men around the world to embrace their inner wisdom, navigating their way to success. TITO is a unique organization dedicated to meeting clients, members and students exactly where they are; their mission is to coach individuals in rediscovering their inner wisdom by creating an open and safe environment for communication and transformation. For more information please contact Karen Kleinwort, Therapy in Transition at (877) 255-0761.

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Therapy in Transition New Site Design

Therapy in Transition New Site Design

Therapy in Transition's press release announcing new site design and online learning environment.