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Casino La Vida Joins Forces with Red Returns Casino Affiliate Program

After the successful launch of Casino La Vida, this prominent online casino brand has now joined forces with Red Returns Casino Affiliate Program. Red Returns has years of experience in casino affiliate marketing and are now applying their wealth of knowledge to the superlative brand of Casino La Vida.

Casino La Vida Joins Forces with Red Returns Casino Affiliate Program
Johannesburg, South Africa, February 12, 2010 --( The 8th of February 2010 saw the merging of the Red Returns casino affiliate programme and Casino La Vida into an association that is bound to be lucrative. With the experience to back them up, Red Returns have big plans for promoting the Casino La Vida brand and will more than likely pull out all the stops to do so. With great selling points and an attractive appearance, Casino La Vida already seems to have what it takes to catch the attention of the public interest. We can only wait and see if this combination is one that is built for endurance. Both sides of the team are confident that it is.

Casino La Vida is the European facing sister casino to Red Flush online casino, and is hoping to experience as much success as this primary brand has since their inception in June 2008. The Red Flush team put their heads together to determine what would be the best approach for an online casino that was fresh and unique. Their ideas to theme Casino La Vida around the ultimate lifestyle are already proving to be well founded, what with an exciting spike in player registrations after their initial opening promotion.

Casino La Vida has introduced some competitive promotions into the flow, and the moment the first few players registered with this online casino, the 24-7 Support Team was on hand to offer their multi-language assistance in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The Casino La Vida team found the early interest extremely gratifying, thinking that perhaps the new players were attracted by the promotions, or maybe the fact that they now have access to a suite over 450 Microgaming games. Casino La Vida also offers players consistent MPV tournaments and a full range of progressive jackpots to keep the atmosphere interesting.

Red Returns are encouraging their affiliate partners to promote Casino La Vida by offering undisclosed incentives in line with the launch. It appears that the Red Returns casino affiliate team knows what it takes to promote a new brand, and are going to great lengths to get affiliate partners and marketers interested.

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