Health Care Reform Gets a Boost, Boasts Medical Firm: Paine & Williams Medical Associates

Health care reform is on life support; Dr. Thomas Paine of Paine & Williams Medical Associates injects new energy into the debate with a web site and proposed grass-roots strategy.

Cumberland, RI, March 16, 2010 --( Dr. Thomas Paine of Paine And Williams Medical Associates has been confronted by patients dissatisfied with the current shortcomings of the health care system long enough. That is why he has commissioned experts and colleagues to format a web site, along with a grass-roots movement, to get average citizens more involved. He is determined to make a difference both locally and nationally. “If we handle health care reform correctly, then we can reduce paper work, this would reduce cost and more patients can be helped, so everyone wins,” Paine stated enthusiastically. Dr. Paine goes on to say, “This will help our business expand with less effort and help hospitals who are currently burdened with cost and paperwork overload.” “Too many patients are being left out of the circle where it concerns matters of life and death and procedures that we personally recommend,” said the veteran doctor of twenty-five years. He goes on to say, “I know that we do not live in a perfect world, however; it seems to me that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should include that citizens have some sort of public option to fall back on.” You can find their web site at:

He laments “not everyone attains the same status in life, or sometimes life can turn on a dime and hand you circumstances you would never have dreamed of, your health not among the least of these circumstances." Many of his patients have suggested to Dr. Paine that citizens should become more involved in the health care debate. Paine notes,” I think the political climate is ripe for change.”

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Dr. Thomas Paine