Company Establishes New Website to Offer Quality Motorcycle Covers

Company establishes new website to distribute quality motorcycle covers. In this age of "everything now," everyone is looking to buy things faster and easier. Nothing is easier than sitting at home and purchasing everything you need. In this new age of commerce, the wave of the future is e-commerce and that is why Anytime Motorcycle Covers is positioning themselves to take advantage of the ever increasing traffic of the internet.

Company Establishes New Website to Offer Quality Motorcycle Covers
Kingston, TN, March 25, 2010 --( It was announced today that a new website, has been established. This site is devoted to selling quality motorcycle covers, car covers and scooter covers.

In this new age of e-commerce, it is no longer necessary to have an actual brick and mortar store. Products can be marketed and sold much more economically via the internet, according to the president of the company. This method saves both the distributor and ultimately the consumer a considerable amount of time and money.

This site is owned by a new company (C & MS Enterprises), AKA Anytime Motorcycle Covers that was established in March, 2009 for the express and lone purpose of selling quality motorcycle covers. Any Time Motorcycle Covers are committed to the best industry Waterproof & Dust Covers ranging from Harley Davidson to Suzuki motorcycle covers. Steve Rivenbark guarantees personalized customer service which has been the backbone of the company since it start-up.

Any Time Motorcycle Covers are backed by a supplier with decades of experience in this business and is well versed in the types and qualities of well made motorcycle covers.

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Contact Person: Steve Rivenbark, President
Company Name: C & MS Enterprises
Telephone number: (865) 376-5312
Fax Number: (865) 376-4940

C & MS Enterprises
Steve Rivenbark
865 376 5312
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