VIRUN® to Premiere OmegaH2O® Through WEDAR at CPhI and HI/NI in Shanghai, China

Virun to premiere water soluble and shelf stable OmegaH2O® in China through WEDAR Biotechnology Co. Ltd. OmegaH2O® is patents pending.

VIRUN® to Premiere OmegaH2O® Through WEDAR at CPhI and HI/NI in Shanghai, China
City of Industry, CA, May 18, 2010 --( Virun, Inc., a biotechnology and food/beverage ingredient manufacturer of water soluble and shelf stable novel Omega-3 fatty acids is pleased to announce that Virun has broadened its global distribution of OmegaH2O® through a partnership with Wedar Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. ("WEDAR") in China, a distributor and brand marketer for unique functional ingredients to the nutraceutical, food/beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Virun is a biotechnology company focusing on safe and natural delivery of non polar compounds such as Omega-3 DHA and DHA/EPA in foods and beverages. Virun manufactures its patents-pending OmegaH2O® technology for large food and beverage company’s world-wide.

Philip Bromley, Virun’s CEO, stated, “China has been an integral part of our R&D effort, including OmegaH2O® in such products as clear sports-drinks, clear juices and clear functional beverages that are shelf stable. Because of this demand, we appointed a highly regarded brand marketing firm, WEDAR, to help incorporate OmegaH2O® into healthy food and beverage product applications in China.”

Kevin Hu, President of Wedar Biotechnology Co.,Ltd., stated, “Omega-3’s have had an exponential increase of demand in China; however, incorporating Omega-3 DHA and DHA/EPA into specific products prove to be difficult, especially clearer type applications like apple juice. Utilizing Virun’s patents-pending OmegaH2O® technology will help fill this void and allow for an increase in Omega-3 type applications that may not have otherwise been applied.”

Virun’s patents-pending nanotechnologies utilize light scattering and particle manipulation in order to allow the Omega-3 DHA or DHA/EPA to avoid degradation, even in shelf stable applications. By manipulating light, Virun has been able to avoid chemical conformational changes of the fatty acids without having to use preservatives. Other Virun ingredients include clear and shelf stable Vitamin D3, CoQ10, Lycopene, Resveratrol and many other non polar compounds.

Source: Virun, Inc.

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