New Product from "Earth Friendly Electronics" Company Made with Cutting-Edge Composite Material

Wood-plastic composite material makes green company's "xeMini" the most eco-friendly portable power source on the market.

New Product from "Earth Friendly Electronics" Company Made with Cutting-Edge Composite Material
Thousand Oaks, CA, June 03, 2010 --( California-based startup Revolve Electronics, Inc., is set to ship its flagship product, the xeMini this month. The universal AC charger and battery backup boasts many features that set it apart from other chargers on the market, but one of its most distinguishing features is how it's made.

The plastics used in the xeMini consist of Revolve's proprietary wood-plastic composite (or WPC). Specifically, the charger's housing is made of sawdust waste from the manufacturing of bamboo products that is blended with recycled ABS plastic, creating a light but extremely sturdy thermoplastic. Using WPC materials makes for a long-lasting, environmentally sustainable product that allows Revolve to use less energy during the manufacturing process.

"People have been using WPC for home improvement products like deck floors and railings for a few years now," says Revolve's Executive Vice-President and co-founder, Todd Metlen. "But, we were able to modify the formulation so that it works for electronics products and we’re really happy with the results. Our WPC is not only environmentally friendly, it also gives the xeMini a fantastic natural look and feel. In fact, when you take the xeMini out of the box, you even get a mild woody scent, which is cool." Metlen says that while WPC has many properties of wood, it can also be molded into any shape and made into any color without using paint.

While Revolve’s core mission is certainly defined by its commitment to responsibly manufactured products (which they call "Earth Friendly Electronics™"), Eli Probst, President and co-founder, stresses that he and Metlen place just as much focus on creating the most innovative and useful products around, not just the greenest. "Setting aside for a moment how our products can help the environment," he says, "using WPC materials, using a specially designed battery that is replaceable, packing the xeMini with features…what it all means to us is that we simply get a better product. It's better-made, it'll last a lifetime, and it’ll help simplify your life."

Probst goes on to explain that the xeMini charges virtually any electronic device, anywhere. "Cell phones, iPods, Flip cameras and digital cameras, Bluetooth, all kinds of portable devices…you name it," he says. In addition to plugging into the wall at home, users can recharge their devices on the go thanks to Revolve's exclusive Light Assisted Power™ technology that uses sunlight to help keep the xeMini’s battery charged at all times. "There's no external AC adapter needed, no extra cables to deal with…all you need is the xeMini," Probst says. "The fact that the xeMini is made with WPC isn't just about good karma, it makes this a great looking product -- green or no green."

About Revolve Electronics, Inc. -- Revolve Electronics is a new California-based consumer electronics company founded by Eli Probst and Todd Metlen, the designers and developers of award-winning consumer products from companies such as Nokia and Blue Microphones. Revolve focuses on Earth Friendly Electronics™ that seamlessly integrate into consumers' lives and offer a rich user experience…all while maintaining a deep commitment to green.

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