Iconic Tsunami is Proud to Bring Consumers the FACEMATE™ Monitor Accessory

Iconic Tsunami proudly announces their innovative monitor accessory: FACEMATE™. FACEMATE™ provides consumers with a monitor accessory with practical functionality, while having aesthetically pleasing value for personal customization. Consumers can now turn their monitor into their personal billboard.

Iconic Tsunami is Proud to Bring Consumers the FACEMATE™ Monitor Accessory
Smyrna, DE, July 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Computers encompass all aspects of our lives. It’s where consumers work, play and communicate and the monitor serves as a portal to that universe. However, more often than not, the monitor is utilized as a messsage board. Sticky notes, taped business cards, work codes or a favorite picture is affixed to the side of the monitor. Consumers like to personalize their space and keep those important items in direct eyesight. The Problem: current monitor accessories systems/devices are virtually non-existent and those that are available are unsightly, impractical and/or they require some type of permanent fixture to the monitor. Those systems/devices all require hooks, permanent tape, glue, screws or other such means, all of which either damage or permanently alter your monitor. Until now. Iconic Tsunami proudly announces their innovative monitor accessory: FACEMATE™. The FACEMATE™ monitor accessory has a one piece design that stretches over the corners of the flat screen monitor and hugs its plastic framing like a skin. Its inner bands have raised ridges or "teeth" which help add friction to secure those important items and does so without permanently altering or damaging the monitor.

What’s the commercial market say for a monitor accessory; "nothing short of amazing!" Test marketing for the FACEMATE™ monitor accessory had an outstanding 84% approval rating. It was a means for everyone to transform their monitor into their personal billboard...providing practical functionality with aesthetically pleasing value. However, the Company's vision was greater than a singular product. So, work began on two fronts: First, legally securing the intellectual property (patents, trademarks, and copyrights) to Company concepts and second, was to build the Company around quality products, showing value over profit, while becoming a valued and trusted brand for consumers.

Over many months, positive reviews came pouring in and great word-of-mouth began to spread. Then on June 16th, Iconic Tsunami made its official debut at the InventHelp’s INPEX ® 2010 International Trade Show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There were several hundred exhibitors from the United States and across the globe who exhibited their inventions and innovative products. There were 50 specific categories and 150 awards issued (Gold, Silver and Bronze medals) in International Recognition of Innovative Excellence. Iconic Tsunami was honored to be one of only a select few exhibitors representing the United States to receive an award. Iconic Tsunami is proud to announce that the FACEMATE™ monitor accessory placed in two categories, winning Bronze medals in “Novelties/Household” and “Office Supplies & Stationery.” The world now takes notice.

FACEMATE™ has launched the Iconic Tsunami Company and brand from its backyard workshop roots, to now being a respected and responsible trendsetter with a team of associates who are dedicated to serving our loyal customer base worldwide. The FACEMATE™ monitor accessory is the first practical solution of its kind. Consumers will no longer be forced to permanently alter their monitor in order to have a functional and practical means for displaying those important items.

The future for Iconic Tsunami and FACEMATE™ is very bright as the Company continues to break through barriers, create new products and build a brand consumers can place their trust in. FACEMATE™ and the Iconic Tsunami brand is on its way to becoming a world-wide phenomenon and a trusted product line. The Company is founded on pride, quality workmanship and an indomitable sprit. Iconic Tsunami announced that its goal is to have most, if not all, its products made here in the United States.

Press Contact: Kenneth Kennedy, Executive Vice-President
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FACEMATE™ has a unique one piece design which provides you an innovative monitor accessory; practical functionality with aesthetically pleasing value. Its your space so customize it with a FACEMATE™.