TransGuardian, Inc.
TransGuardian, Inc. Presents $25,000 Claim Check to Garo Jewelry Presents $25,000 Claim Check to Garo Jewelry
Los Angeles, CA, July 26, 2010 --( On behalf of (, Madlene Moseley and Rima Hagopian presented Mr. Garo Keurjikian of Garo Jewelry, Inc. a claim check for $25,000 for a jewelry parcel lost in transit while covered by Wells Fargo Insurance Services, the largest provider in the transportation industry, brokers’s declared value coverage.

Mr. Keurjikian is one of the most prominent and longest-established jewelers in the Los Angeles Diamond and Jewelry District. is the creator of SNAP! the Best-Way Online Secure Shipping Wizard, with 20 carrier services on demand and coverage up to $150,000 per parcel.

Mr. Keurjikian said, “I’ve only had one other loss in 20 years of shipping. I moved to TransGuardian because they saved me good money over the company I used to use. I’m sorry this loss had to happen, but I’m thankful TransGuardian came through.”

TransGuardian, Inc.
Jim Moseley