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TransGuardian Averts $60,000 Transit Loss for Houston-Area Diamond Dealer

TransGuardian Averts $60,000 Transit Loss for Houston-Area Diamond Dealer
Los Angeles, CA, August 06, 2010 --( In July 2010, a prominent Houston Diamond Dealer registered with His first shipment was for $60,000 sent via one of the two major small parcel carriers to Mumbai, India.

Unfortunately, the carrier mis-sorted the parcel, sending it to Panama.

Fortunately, TransGuardian’s pro-active tracking team immediately detected the mis-sort. During the night, TransGuardian’s Greg Finck used his extensive contact network in the transportation security industry to solicit help from the carrier’s internal security personnel. (Mr. Finck was Managing Director of Corporate Security at FedEx.)

Within hours, the parcel was quarantined in Panama. The carrier re-routed the parcel to its US hub in Memphis. Greg was in direct contact with the security staff who hand-carried the parcel to the correct sortation channel. TransGuardian’s pro-active tracking program, monitored live, then followed the parcel to a safe POD (proof of delivery) scan in India.

“When I was managing FedEx DVX,” said TransGuardian’s Jim Moseley, “I remember a Vice President at Zale Corporation telling me, ‘I know your insurance is good and you’ll pay a loss if we lose a parcel. But it costs me three times the value of a shipment to re-load my pipeline. That’s because I have to pay for re-stocking the order, re-shipping the order, and placating the disappointed recipient. So the best thing that can possibly happen is that you don’t lose the parcel at all.’

“Our unique, proprietary risk-management programming has allowed us to actively avert over $500,000 in potential losses the last 365 days,” continued Moseley. “This is what allows us to maintain – and guarantee – the best pricing in the industry to shippers of precious cargo.”

TransGuardian’s transit insurance coverage is arranged by Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

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