CTW Holdings, Inc. and Comprehensive Communication Services Announce New Global Partnership Agreement

CTW Holdings, Inc. and Comprehensive Communication Services Announce New Global Partnership Agreement
Dallas, TX, November 11, 2010 --(PR.com)-- CTW Holdings, Inc., a Boynton Beach, Florida based global facilitator and Comprehensive Communication Services (CCS), a Dallas-based manufacturer, have reached a partnership agreement, in which CCS will assist in marketing and selling a revolutionary water filtration systems, which CTW has agreed to distribute globally. Further, CTW has agreed to distribute globally CCS’s Mobile Emergency Response Center (MERC) and four other emergency-related products.

This partnership allows both CTW and CCS to provide Disaster Relief Organizations and First Responders a solution that supplies anytime/anywhere communication services and a clean water supply. Because of the CTW-CCS partnership, a new version of the MERC unit will be released in early 2011 that will combine satellite, cellular, radio, video and wireless communication, with an on-board medical treatment facility and a radically new water purification and storage solution system.

“We are very excited about this new relationship with CTW. By adding their water purification system to our current solution set we will be able to offer a new very valuable resource for First Responders all over the world. These Responders will now have the communication equipment they need during a disaster response combined with a clean water supply and medical care,” says Gary Collins, CEO Comprehensive Communication Services.

About Comprehensive Communications Services:

CCS is a Dallas, TX based systems integrator that focuses on providing mobile communication solutions that can be utilized during a disaster response situation or simply for business continuity. These solutions include mobile command center trailers and portable shock mount cased units equipped with generator or solar power, satellite, radio, cellular, video, and wireless connectivity. For more information about CCS, visit www.comprehensivecom.net or call (877) 772-2721.

About CTW Holdings, Inc.:
CTW Holdings, Inc., based in Boynton Beach, Florida, is an international holdings company that facilitates major projects around the world. CTW maintains local, joint-venture offices on 6 continents.

The core of CTW’s mission includes designing, identifying technology, developing, funding projects, with a focus on implementing and training local entities to run and maintain businesses. CTW concentrates its core business on Green Economic Infrastructures that will benefit everyone for years to come. For much more information about CTW, visit www.ctw-holdings.com.

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CTW Holdings, Inc.
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