Amputee on Wheels Gives Positive Spin to Life

Monica J. Foster is a vibrant amputee on wheels known as The Life Beyond Limits Coach®. Monica, who is a wheelchair user and amputee and the daughter of a disabled Coast Guard veteran, is a professional life, life purpose and vision board coach focused on helping people of all abilities strip off hurtful labels that's been pinned on them by others and shed self limiting beliefs about who they are and can be in this world.

Landis, NC, November 24, 2010 --( Based in Landis, NC with a nationwide reach online, Foster is branching out to build her brand as The Life Beyond Limits Coach® & Inclusionista as a life, life purpose and vision board coach. Using her own signature vision coaching activity called, “The Eye CAN.” Monica motivates independence and perseverance among such clients as women with disabilities and disabling chronic illnesses, veterans returning with service-connected injuries and families of youth with special needs striving to shake the ‘expert’ ideas of all their cannots and shift their focus toward, ‘I CAN!’” People of all abilities also use this activity to help them shed self defeating beliefs and rise out from under the stifling labels others have assigned to them.

Foster’s knowledge of living life with disabilities, a diagnosis of mental illness with its' own social stigmas and overcoming internal and external obstacles has earned her various grant and webinar partnerships with national organizations, such as Human Services Research Institute based in Oregon, and the national advocacy organization TASH, as well as The North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities and Association of Self Advocates North Carolina. But Monica wants her reach to extend beyond her familiarity with disabilities and disability labels, and extend into the realm of limiting labels people of all abilities are weighed down with, stifling their sense of true self and success, and further feeding the damaging fires of self-defeating beliefs from within.

"One day I want to meet Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield so I can show the motivational and self help business where I can take personal motivation despite the challenges of being a lady amputee on wheels and someone who has dealt with family members with chronic illness, mental health challenges, external struggles and more," says Monica J. Foster, The Life Beyond Limits Coach® & Inclusionista.

Monica's clients say that because of her wry sense of humor and positive life beyond limits viewpoint, they can easily see why she’s a successful, vibrant amputee on wheels who has truly rolled her role in life and lived a successful life beyond limits. It's because she is so willing and ready to share what she has struggled with with others that she succeeds in bring others to their new heights of personal success.

Foster was born with spina bifida, one of the most common disabilities at birth and faced the hard choice of limb loss in January 2010 or succumb to life-threatening infection that was taking over her left leg. She is the daughter of a disabled Coast Guard veteran and retired school teacher who each have dealt with various chronic illnesses, organ transplant survival, mental health challenges and flourishing beyond hurt from childhood.

To top it off, her husband of eight years, Bryan, is a stroke survivor, so Monica is no stranger to dealing with health challenges from all sides, but still is thankful there is a glass in each of our hands, regardless if we feel it is half full to overflowing at any given moment. Monica’s specialized brand of Life Beyond Limits Coaching™ with BUTTERFLYWHEEL® helps her clients take any challenge in life and flip it step by step from “something insurmountable into an opportunity to unlock greater possibilities,” she explains. “We go from the first step of exploration, 'What do I want in life now?' to creation, 'How do I want to achieve it?' to realization 'Now I have the right tools. Which one first?' then spicing it with positive and constructive validation along our journey together as coach and client collaborating for their best life forward.”

Ask Monica how she shifts groups of clients from thinking in terms of “I can’t” into “I CAN!” with her signature “Eye CAN” activity where she shows you how to create your own daily, weekly or monthly motivation tool using recycled, household items in a powerful way. "Anyone can do it. Take any vessel around your house and fill it with whatever meaning you assign to the journey you are about to embark on. I give you further instructions specific to your journey...and let's get to growing forward, onward and upward."

Her services include individualized life, life purpose and vision board coaching tailored for people of all abilities, including people with disabilities beyond what typical service provision provides, small group coaching seminars, as well as speaking before corporate, community and civic organizations about acceptance and inclusion, disability diversity awareness. Going back to her life experience rooted in dealing daily with physical and attitudinal obstacles. Monica leads trainings to show businesses and communities that voluntary compliance under the Americans with Disabilities Act (and other disability-focused policy) and creating a culture of inclusion really is simple.

Monica also provides grant project consulting for disability-focused and diversity awareness organizations. Drawing from her passion for and background in communication and newswriting, Monica also offers freelance writing for several online and print newsletters and publications.

Monica is Associated Editor for the self-advocacy e-newsletter The Riot Rocks! (, and has been a contributing writer for several print and online publications around disabilities and advocacy, including Parenting Special Needs Magazine ( and Disabled Dealer Magazine – West Coast edition ( She welcomes the opportunity to write for and serve in a part-time, contracted publications management role for other publications unrelated to disability as well.
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