CPX Interactive Debuts New 'Operating System' Messaging

Global Online Ad Network Leverages 'OS' Analogy to Describe Market Position

CPX Interactive Debuts New 'Operating System' Messaging
New York, NY, February 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Global online ad network, CPX Interactive, has released a new marketing video in an effort to more clearly define itself, and its position in the marketplace, to the online display advertising industry. The video describes the company as a "fully integrated, end-to-end operating system" for an overly crowded landscape.

With elements that are both service oriented and technology-based, the concept of the company being an operating system is equal parts metaphor and literal, but the message is clear. CPX Interactive does not see itself as being pinned to one simplified bucket within the space. Instead, it would rather forgo the traditional and constrictive labels usually associated with companies that occupy the field, and be satisfied to describe the way in which its offering brings efficiency, while leaving the labeling to others.

The video describes the five elements of the operating system:

1) a cloud-based CRM platform
2) a strategic services layer
3) a media buying platform
4) a proprietary ad management platform, and
5) a fully integrated finance management suite

"We understand the desire to see the industry as a web of separate and distinct buckets, were this company does X and this company does Y, but the reality is that the winners will be those companies that can legitimately illustrate their ability to plan and execute scalable and successful online advertising campaigns from beginning to end," explains EVP of Marketing, David Shay. "The company that can integrate planning, optimization, universal media buying, scalable ad serving, data integration and synthesis, complex reporting and analysis - all thru one platform will have chance to deliver on what has always been the real promise of online advertising: efficiency. The purpose of the CPX OS video is to say, 'We get it.' and 'We're on it.'"

President & COO, Rob Rasko makes the point, however, that the video and messaging should in no way be seen as a pivot in business strategy. “The fact is that there is nothing new for us here. The vision of CPX has always been to provide advertisers and publishers a unified experience that wraps up all aspects of the online advertising campaign. Every step we have taken - from the build out of our network, to the early embrace of the exchange model, thru the design and build of our own proprietary technology - has followed the same trajectory. The video is simply a way to differentiate ourselves in what is a noisy marketplace.”


About CPX Interactive:

As a global online ad network built on top of a state of the art ad management platform, CPX Interactive has created an end to end, fully integrated 'operating system' that allows advertisers and publishers a true one stop solution to online display advertising

CPX Interactive delivers more than 30 billion impressions to more than 200 million unique users in more than 60 countries every month, and was named the 6th fastest growing privately held advertising/marketing company in the US by Inc. Magazine in 2008.
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CPX OS 1.0

CPX OS 1.0

The CPX Interactive operating system is an end to end solution for the online display advertising landscape.