Chicago-Area Publisher Launches New Travel Guide to Ireland

Mysterious World: Ireland Touted as “The Next Generation of Travel Guides”

Chicago-Area Publisher Launches New Travel Guide to Ireland
Wheaton, IL, March 08, 2007 --( Doug Elwell, Inc., a Chicago-area consultancy and publishing company, announced today the launch of their first book: Mysterious World: Ireland, a new travel guide to Ireland, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Published under the imprint “Mysterious World Press”, Mysterious World: Ireland is the first in a planned series of travel guides.

Publisher Doug Elwell explains, “Mysterious World: Ireland is the first in a series of travel guides that focus on what we call the ‘mysterious travel’ niche. Most travel guides provide a fairly bland recitation of locations, facts and figures without any real insight into the ancient history and mysteries of the travel destinations that they cover. Our guides provide a much more substantial insight into the ancient history, religion and culture of each travel destination we cover, providing travelers with a much more thorough understanding of the places they are traveling to so that their vacation experiences will be richer and more satisfying.”

One-half ancient history of Ireland and one-half travel guide to Ireland, Mysterious World: Ireland is 776 pages, full color, with hundreds of photographs, dozens of detailed maps, and numerous illustrations by legendary Irish Celtic artist Jim Fitzpatrick. More information about Mysterious World: Ireland is available online at

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