Brosix Screen Shot for Screen Sharing – an Upgrade for Web Designers

Brosix Screen Shot allows web designers to send a screen shot of their desktop with one click.

Brosix Screen Shot for Screen Sharing – an Upgrade for Web Designers
New York, NY, September 21, 2011 --( With the help of the Brosix Instant Messaging platform, including its most recent Screen Sharing updates, it is easier than ever for web designers to share mock-ups and other information with clients and colleagues. One click of the mouse is all that is needed to save the current screen and send it to a network contact.

During the web design work process, sharing screenshots is very common. Some users resort to the “old school” method of doing this which entails: pressing the print screen button, pasting the screenshot into an image editing program, saving the image, locating the image, and attaching it to an email. For web designers, this is often times a cumbersome process that inhibits their work flow.

New features of Brosix Screen sharing, including faster transfers and one-click capabilities, appeal to a broad range of designers. The two step process includes: selecting a name from the contact list and clicking the “Screen Shot” button. Brosix instant messaging windows can even be included in the screen shot by holding down the CTRL key.

In 2010 named the Brosix Screen Shot its “Best Instant Messenger Feature” of the year.

“Speed and efficiency is very important to all IM users, particularly web designers, regardless of who they are working with – this is why we are currently focusing a lot of attention on this tool,” Stefan Chekanov, Owner of Brosix said. “With the Screen Shot feature, designers are able to quickly capture their screen and share with clients, making the process more enjoyable and efficient for both parties.”

The Brosix Screen Shot feature is free to all users. For more information or to view screenshots and instructions, visit:

Stefan Chekanov