Family Voices Media, a Leader in the Video Biography Industry, Has Undertaken Its Two Largest Projects to Date

Family Voices Media, a Leader in the Video Biography Industry, Has Undertaken Its Two Largest Projects to Date
New York, NY, August 22, 2011 --( Family Voices Media, a leader in the video biography industry, has undertaken its two largest projects to date. Both were in-depth family biographies, each of which presented challenges which required the creative hands at Family Voices Media to produce final products that satisfied both the client and the company.

The Gantz family chose a modification of Family Voices Media’s popular Legacy video package. Their goal was to create a video biography that coupled previously recorded interviews with more recent and technologically updated footage. With original interviews available only on VHS, it was the task of Family Voices Media’s Legacy video team to carefully transfer the footage to a digital format. To create the video biography, it was necessary to comb through over 90 minutes of home movies, many beautiful black and white photographs, and more recent color photos as well. Each photo was individually scanned and exhaustive hours were spent with Photoshop to brighten, adjust color, contrast, and restore the images.

It was here that the real challenge began. Since all the interviews had been recorded years before the Legacy video biography project was undertaken, the material had to be edited to create a coherent presentation. Fortunately the eloquence of the subjects and the wealth of anecdotes and information they provided made the task easier. After exhaustive work, the structure of the video biography is fairly linear, beginning with the childhood of each of the parents, moving through education, army, memorable events and a message to the grandchildren. Family Voices then color corrected the original VHS video and sweetened the sound while enhancing the video with photos and movies of old Brooklyn, Port Chester, and World War II. The extremely satisfied customers will be premiering it in September at a family reunion.

The Maanavi video features quite a bit of history. The parents each had a memorable childhood; one in Germany, the other in Iran. They met in England, were married in Iran, and lived there until the fall of the Shah of Iran, when they came to the United States.

But with virtually no family photographs from their days in Iran, a great deal of research was needed to fill the gaps. A moving section about the revolution and the fall of the Shah was instrumental.

It was the gaps that led the team to determine that the video biography would not be presented linearly, but that rather a little creativity was required. The video biography therefore begins with the meeting of the parents in England, for which there was much lively discussion and anecdotes about how they met and the clash of cultures that ensued. The presence of the grandchildren on the day of filming inspired the video biography team to film them together with Mr. and Mrs. Maanavi. Moments with the grandchildren were used as a prologue along with an introduction by the son.

The video biography is enhanced by special chapters including an original poem in Farsi recited by Mr. Maanavi, politics and religion, a slideshow of all their photos and a chapter simply called Stories, which features several stories that have become part of family lore.

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