Designer & TV Personality Cary Weldy Performs Energy Makeover (tm) on Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs increases their winning percentage by 50% after Weldy performs energy work on the team and Wrigley Field

Chicago, IL, August 25, 2011 --( While many have believed that the “Curse of the Billy Goat” on the Chicago Cubs has led to the team holding the worst record in major league baseball history, Chicago-based designer and HGTV personality Cary Weldy has a different spin. By incorporating energetic techniques of the masters of art and architecture, he measured the impact of negative energy on the team and the ballpark, and discovered some interesting revelations.

“One of the biggest energy drains for the team and ballpark is the large plot of land that lies starting two blocks north of Wrigley Field and extends to Montrose Avenue,” says Weldy. “There are over 120 acres of three combined cemeteries that are shaped like an arrow, which essentially shoots the 'Energy of Death' directly onto the ballpark. This is like building a house or business downstream from a major toxic dump. Given how much negative energy has been channeled into the ballpark, the masters of energy would have never allowed the ballpark to be built where it is. I’m not surprised that the Cubs won the World Series back-to-back in 1907 and 1908, when they were playing on a different ballpark that was just west of the city. Since the Cubs moved to Wrigley Field in 1914, it has been a different story.”

On July 16, Weldy performed the energy harmonization work around the area that includes the three cemeteries that were established from 1850-1860, as well as around the ballpark. He noted that the Cubs had won 39.6% of the games prior to that work. On July 31, Weldy energized the team with a proprietary matrix, where he connected the ball players and coaches with symbols, including speed, agility, accuracy, and teamwork. Following that work, they won six consecutive games. Weldy noted that the Chicago Cubs has won 18 games and lost 13 since he performed the energy work.

“In sports, people don’t typically attribute performance to the energy moving in a space, so I realize that this energy harmonization work sounds sort of hard to believe,” says Weldy. “But da Vinci, Michelangelo, Phidias, and the architects of the Great Pyramids all knew how to transform energy, and it was a mainstream part of their lives. We have largely forgotten these ancient secrets and powerful knowledge that has quietly been passed down through the ages. While we have already applied some of these techniques, there is more work to do on this project.”

Weldy added, “When we start working with a client and a space, we honestly don’t know what the results will be. I can make predictions of what symptoms a business or person is experiencing based on how beneficial and toxic energy is moving through a space, and we can harmonize that. It is amazing when we see results of how the transformation of energy in a space affects people’s lives. That is the ultimate barometer for success.”

Weldy has been filming his energy work on Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cub, which can be seen on a video featured on and DivineLivingWithCary, his channel on YouTube. Other videos involving energy work on his clients and their spaces can be seen there as well.

“The reason why I decided to do the Energy MakeoverTM Challenge on Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs was multi-fold,” says Weldy. “Chicago has been my home for the past twelve years, and the Cubs are a big part of Chicago. Not only would a turn-around would be terrific for the ball team, the homes and businesses will benefit from the harmonization work performed in the Lakeview area of Chicago.”

Spending the past decade designing and remediating the energy levels in his A-list clients’ homes, Weldy created The Energy MakeoverTM Challenge, where companies and individuals can invite him to perform energy work on their homes, businesses, and products. Other videos involving energy work on his clients and their spaces can be seen at and YouTube.

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