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MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Features Decorating a Home

A big part of decorating a home is finishing touches such as Persian, Oriental, and traditional rugs. MyReviewsNow Online Shopping affiliate eSale Rugs is offering September deals on decorative rugs to complete or update the look of any home.

MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Features Decorating a Home
New York, NY, September 19, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Online Shopping affiliate eSale Rugs, the largest purveyor of Persian, Oriental, and traditional rugs, is proud to announce a September sale on rugs used in decorating a home with a little extra style. The eSale Rugs September sale is a great way to save when decorating a home for the fall or any season. Decorating a home can be an expensive undertaking. However, sales such as this can dramatically cut down on the expense of updating and decorating a home.

Prices on Persian, Oriental, and traditional rugs on eSale Rugs are discounted 75 percent site wide with free shipping on all purchases. Fall rugs are on sale through September 22nd with %25 off plus an extra ten percent off all orders with two rugs or more. Rugs ordered from eSale Rugs ship within a day of purchase. Most designers agree that decorating a home is about the little extras that express personality and bring a room to life.

Rugs can fill out the spaces in a room or create interesting focal points. There are different guidelines when decorating a home with rugs. Starting with style, rugs available on eSale Rugs range from Persian and Oriental to hand knotted and modern. Items on sale for fall include selections from the elegant Tabriz Rug Collection, the colorful Gabbeh Rug and custom length runners ideal for doorways and entrance ways. More than a thousand rugs are included in the fall sale.

There are endless possibilities when incorporating area rugs such as those available from eSale Rugs into the decor of a particular room. When it comes to area rugs there are no specific rules. Multiple rugs or single rugs work equally well in a room. Fall rugs on sale from eSale Rugs come in variety of shapes and sizes ideal for a dramatic presence or a more subtle effect. Area rugs are meant to be durable, functional and decorative at the same time. Common sizes for larger size rugs range from 6’X9’ to 12’X15’ with smaller sizes ranging from 2’X3’ to 4’X6’.

Area rug is the term used for any rug that covers part of the floor. Specific types of area rugs are defined by their style, design and how they are made. Persian rugs, for example, have a long, rich history. Carpet-weaving is one of the most distinguished expressions of Persian culture and art. Persian rugs, usually tied with a single looping knot, come in specific designs with alternating weaving techniques, patterns and fabric selections including Abadeh, Afshar, Balouch, Ghayen, Kashmar, Mahan and Zanjan. The traditional Persian knot is used for finer rugs with the symmetrical Turkish knot being the other common knot.

Oriental rugs originate from a broad geographic region that includes China, Vietnam, Turkey, Cyprus, Iran, the Maghreb countries and India. Oriental rugs are grouped according to place of origin. Caucasian rugs, Central Asian rugs, Arab rugs, Indian rugs, Tibetan rugs, Anatolian rugs, Kurdish rugs and Chinese rugs may all be considered Oriental rugs. An authentic Oriental rug is a handmade carpet either woven without pile or knotted with pile. Area rugs of various textures and styles quickly add a touch of class, elegance and sophistication to any room.

Rugs on sale from eSale Rugs include all styles from Persian to Oriental. Rugs are available in all shapes and sizes with some designs more dramatic and some more subtle. Decorating a home is about little details such as carefully placed area rugs. All rugs purchased from eSale Rugs come with a 30 day risk-free trial with free shipping.

For further information regarding eSale Rugs September sale, please visit Shop At Home.

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