Emochila Now Hosts More than 3000 CPA Websites for Accounting Firms

Emochila Now Hosts More than 3000 CPA Websites for Accounting Firms
San Francisco, CA, October 12, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Emochila, leading developer of CPA Websites announces arrival of 3000th client.

In 2003, Emochila was founded on the beaches of Brazil by Internet security veteran Chad Brubaker and Wall Street financial analyst, Justin Curzi. Armed with Brubaker’s background in Internet Security and Curzi’s sharp business sense, the pair set out to build functional and professional websites for accounting firms.

Now, more than 8 years later, Emochila employs approximately 20 talented individuals in San Francisco, who are united in their quest to build the highest quality websites for CPAs with the best customer service in the business. All Emochila websites come pre-loaded with powerful content and tools designed specifically for accounting firms.

All Emochila CPA websites come equipped with Emochila’s AppMan. Short for Application Manager, AppMan allows CPAs and Accountants to take the reins in managing their online presence. Through AppMan, Emochila clients can access their secure client portal system, send out electronic newsletters, update the company blog, collect referrals, approve testimonials to be published on the website and more.

In addition to the suite of tools, each Emochila website comes with 100% technical support. All Emochila clients have a dedicated account manager to cater to their needs. Emochila account managers walk each new client through the website set up and launch process, and keep in touch so changes can be made to the CPA’s website over time. The website is a hub of information used to keep in touch with current clients and to attract new business.

In addition to the business arm of the firm, Emochila also recently launched Accountants for Social Good (ASG). ASG is a network of accountants and CPAs who utilize the powerful microlending platform, Kiva, in order to lend to small business entrepreneurs throughout the developing world. ASG has skyrocketed to the top of the business lending category within Kiva, consistently lending over five thousand dollars each month through its members.

Rising above the 3000 client mark is significant for Curzi and Brubaker because it means they’ll be able to continue their mission to improve online marketing and client retention tools for CPA websites. Their success ensures that Emochila will continue to deliver the highest quality CPA websites with outstanding customer service at a very affordable cost. Each year, Emochila representatives travel to 15 or more CPA conventions around the country. For more information, stop by their booth in the exhibit hall or visit www.emochila.com to sign up for their free, award-winning webinar.

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