Author Jackson Baer Releases New Book on Biblical Interpretation Called "What the Hell"

Author Jackson Baer is pleased to announce the new release of his book, "What the Hell." This book discusses the Biblical interpretation of Heaven and Hell and what the author's view points are.

Author Jackson Baer Releases New Book on Biblical Interpretation Called "What the Hell"
Atlanta, GA, November 03, 2011 --( Heaven, Hell, Eternity..... What’s The Truth?

What if everything that has been taught about Hell was wrong?

Many Christians think that Jesus is the only way to Heaven and those who don’t believe in Him will spend eternity in a literal and burning Hell. Is this what the Bible teaches? Will the majority of mankind spend eternity in torment because they rejected God in this life?

“What the Hell” shows what the Scriptures clearly teach about this subject and where this idea of Hell came from. The author believes it’s not about winning or losing or even changing the Christian faith. It’s about the honest pursuit of truth.

What makes this book different from those already written? Baer says, "To be fair, there are good books on this subject and great minds are discussing it even now."

This book talks in depth about issues that aren’t covered in great detail in other books and brings a fresh perspective to the issue of eternity and Hell. It also stays true to the earliest Scriptures we have and considers them to be inspired by God.

Book Information:
What the Hell
Author: Jackson Baer
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1432781378
Pages: 140
Published: October 2011

About The Author
Jackson Baer is a devoted husband, father of four children, and committed Christian. He has a Bible college degree in youth ministry and has been a youth and teaching pastor for seven years. This is his first book and it comes from the passionate study encompassing the past four years of his life.

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Author, Jackson Baer