Luminart Corp. Launches 1st of Many Radio and T.V. Interviews to Share in Depth Information and Updates About the Company's Progress in North Dakota

Luminart Corp. Operations Manager Brandon Bentley gives exclusive interview on the Big Biz radio talk show.

Cheyenne, WY, February 21, 2012 --( Today marked the first of many live radio broadcast shows describing Luminart Corporation's B 3 Well Services involvement in the North Dakota Bakken oil reserve. Operations manager Brandon Bentley gave an exclusive interview to Big Biz radio detailing the company's rapid growth in the mining community in North Dakota. When asked why North Dakota was considered in developing the business, Brandon related the less than 2% unemployment rate that North Dakota boasts, in part, because of the numerous opportunities for business in multiple areas of the oil and infrastructure development arena. The number of people employed in oil related industry soared from 4,500 in 2005 to a staggering 35,000+ present day. With the Bakken oil reserve taking up approximately 22,000 square miles, and over 200 rigs moving every 20 days or so, there is a high demand for infrastructure development which is the primary focus of Luminart’s subsidiary B 3 Well Services. Brandon went on to share that the current technology employed by hydraulic fracturing (frac-ing) has increased mining productivity by up to 1000% at times. He also spoke of the 3 major oil manufacturers in North Dakota and their estimated combined budgets being in the area of 4 billion dollars for infrastructure, drilling and piping this year alone. The projected production increases in terms of barrels per day, go from 450,000 bbl/day to 700,000 bbl/day by the end of the year. This would elevate North Dakota above California and make it the 3rd highest oil producing state in the country. Luminart President Burke Bentley said, "The 1st interview with the Big Biz show went exceptionally well. There are more scheduled weekly radio interviews as well as monthly television interviews airing over the next 4 months. This should provide much more in depth information and updates about our progress in North Dakota." For today’s complete interview, please follow this link:

About Luminart Corp. and B 3 Well Services subsidiary:

Luminart Corp.'s subsidiary B 3 Well Services is focused on the expansion of contract hauling materials for infrastructure development in North Dakota, mining and processing materials for road building, and expansion of the base camps in the North Dakota operations, sales and marketing. Led by a skilled and experienced management team, the timely entrance to this quickly developing opportunity in the Bakken oil reserves has positioned the company to create more value for its shareholders and secure a strategic position for increased market share in the future.

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