Real Estate Investing Websites with Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Released

A real estate investing and real estate investor website company,, has rolled out new upgrades for their websites to include search engine and social media marketing. This upgrade enhances the already existing marketing capabilities to attract more clients for real estate investing.

Real Estate Investing Websites with Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Released
Plano, TX, March 13, 2012 --( A real estate investing firm that also specializes in real estate investor websites,, has released an upgraded version of websites for real estate investors.

In this upgrade, marketing features that attract prospects, follow up with them to engage them and convert them into clients are emphasized.

Social media marketing has become an essential strategy every business must employ to reach more people. With these websites, real estate investors can engage website visitors on the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to reach more potential motivated sellers or house buyers.

When selling houses, the websites incorporate the use of building buyers lists with creating referrals on the website and through social media to reach more potential buyers and make more sales.

Each website is delivered fully equipped with advanced search engine optimization targeting the local market. They therefore attract local business where the real estate investor lives.

The inbuilt video speaking model commands instant attention delivering down to earth, believable message that relates to the needs of the website visitor, leading to a higher visitor retention and conversion into clients.

The inbuilt E-Books educate and engage visitors with helpful information that they need. The in-built autoresponders then follow up with them with helpful email messages at carefully pre-timed intervals.

This results to more conversions and more deals closed.

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Simon Macharia