URateStuff Launches June 1st Spreading the Wealth Among its Customers

URateStuff Launches June 1st Spreading the Wealth Among its Customers
Toronto, Canada, June 01, 2007 --(PR.com)-- URateStuff is a product review site that will revolutionize the way products are bought and sold. Consumers are given more power by not only being able to rate other consumer reviews but by also choosing which products to write about. The number of positive rankings by the URateStuff community determines the most popular reviews. This system benefits consumers, sellers, and manufacturers in what the URateStuff team calls the “Circle of Progress”. Sellers gain credibility by linking to URateStuff’s in depth product reviews for free while manufacturers are offered a cost effective way to find out how well their products stack up from an informed consumer perspective.

URateStuff believes that quality and innovation are far more important than the manufactured buzz created by companies with huge marketing budgets. URateStuff CEO Aaron Pais explains, “there are many smaller and mid size companies that offer alternatives to the big corporations yet they are lacking resources. Our system allows these companies to be seen by an international audience who will support things such as more efficient products that are safer for the environment.” Mr. Pais has empathy for small and medium businesses, since he is aware of the challenges that they face. His goal is to help SMB's become successful by leveraging the reviews at URateStuff which act as phenomenal customer testimonials. Also, U RateStuff was independently funded and in the words of Mr. Pais, "This system was built to give value and be responsible to the customer and not to investors."

While consumers will gain satisfaction in knowing that their contributions will have an impact on the market economy, they can also make money as URateStuff has decided to reward users for their contributions by sharing their profits with them through Google Adsense. This will give further incentive to the many people who enjoy writing about the latest trends in everything from technology to fashion. Mr. Pais thinks that this is another key feature that separates URateStuff from other product review sites. “It is now easier for consumers to share their good or bad experience with a product and get paid for it.”

The site is enhanced with many social networking features that make its content more viral such as compatibility with social bookmarking sites such as Digg and buttons that can be posted onto other sites and blogs. Users can also upload pictures, add comments, and subscribe to other members RSS feeds to get automatic updates. In addition to reviews, users can recommend products or steer people away from them with the thumbs up/thumbs down feature. This makes it easy for URateStuff members to find others with similar interests. The features are in place to make the site more global and increase ones chance of making money by finding friends and telling others about URateStuff. By utilizing these built-in features to attract new members, it has never been easier to spread information and share the wealth with ones peers.

Mr. Pais recognizes the value of consumer opinions and has received positive feedback from other members who do market research for a living. “People recognize URateStuff as being unique because while other sites let users rate products, our site allows users to rate other user opinions, based on their usefulness." Since users are encouraged to write reviews for the same product, the user must define his/her set of criteria when reviewing a product in order to get attention. The global implications of this should be interesting as we learn what factors are more important than others in determining the success of a product in different parts of the world.

Due to the overwhelming success of URatestuff, the company are coming out of beta in just 30 days and are officially launching URatestuff on June 1, 2007. As a bonus, the company also released a 'polling' site for the next evolution of their product, URatelocal. URatelocal will utilize the same technology as URateStuff but allow people to write reviews on local businesses, services, and tourist hot spots. Whether one is looking for information and reviews on the best entertainment, health care, or restaurant, URateLocal will serve the local community in more ways than one by allowing them to profit from their experience. Unlike other review sites, the site will have more multimedia features and more interactivity between customers and business owners. Most importantly, it will utilize the same technology that has made URateStuff such a success. Since one of the founding principles of UrateStuff is to empower consumers, they are giving consumers the power to decide which city URatelocal will be released in first."

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