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TransGuardian President Jim Moseley Conducts Passover Seder for 350 Celebrants

Los Angeles, CA, April 12, 2012 --( TransGuardian President Jim Moseley ( led a Passover Seder for 350 participants at Grace Church of Glendora, California, on April 6, 2012. The evening before he presented a lecture entitled The New Passover of the Messiah, teaching the Jewish and historical context of Jesus’ Last Supper.

“The goal is to help Christians understand the Jewish roots of their faith by focusing on one of the most important parts of the gospel, the Last Supper,” said Moseley.

Dr. John Dix, Senior Pastor of Grace Church, hosted both events, which were attended not only by members of the congregation but by visitors, some of whom were Jewish and Muslim.

“Jesus was not only an observant Jew; he was a rabbi,” said Moseley. “All his disciples were Jews, and they saw the events of his astonishing ministry through Jewish eyes. He made remarkable claims and used the Passover traditions in new and unique ways to impart his teaching.”

One Jewish participant said, “The Seder was as faithful to Jewish tradition as it has always been in my family – and it opened my mind to how Christians think.”

Another Jewish participant said, “This was a very positive event. What we Jews often fear more than anything is people reacting negatively to us out of ignorance. Anyone at these events would be well informed. We might agree to disagree, but on these terms we could do so in friendship.”

A Muslim participant said, “This has made me think deeply. I want to study this more.”

A Christian participant said, “I realized things about the gospel I had never seen before. My mind is in a whirl. I want to go back and read the Bible anew.”

Another said, “This deepened my appreciation of Easter more than ever.”

“The great question Jews and Christians need to grapple with is what Rabbi Jesus asked Peter: ‘Who do you say that I am?’” said Moseley. “Jews and Christians actually come from the same place and aim at the same destination. The debate is really whether Jesus is the Messiah, the son of Joseph, or is Meshiach ben Yosef yet to come? It is a fruitful and fascinating inquiry which we should be able to conduct together, with gentleness and respect.”
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